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Green breasted Mango, Concord, NC, November 24th, 2000 © Eric Dean

"This bird showed up in Concord, NC Nov 12 at the home of Lori Turner and was identified and banded on Nov 19 by Susan Campbell. I took these pictures on Nov 24 with a digital camera through my Kowa scope. This bird constitutes the 8th record for NA and the first outside of Texas." Eric Dean (Eric's website)

Present over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend, this bird was responsible for more than a few Thanksgiving dinners ending a little earlier than usual!

Mew Gull, Oak Creek Wisconsin, 11th Nov 2000 © John Idzikowski

The Mew Gull is the bird with wings raised on far right. There have been fewer than 30 records for the state. Unusual Birds inWisconsin website

Selasphorus hummingbird, Wisconsin, November 2000 © John Idzikowski

Comments welcomed on the identity of this bird

Unusual Birds inWisconsin website

Ash-throated Flycatcher, Kewaunee Co., Wisconsin, Nov'1st 2000 © John Idzikowski

Unusual Birds inWisconsin website

This bird is a long overdue first for Wisconsin and continues a very hectic period for birders in this state!

Great Kiskadee, Washington Ranch, NM © Jerry R. Oldenettal

Jerry's Website with other NM bird photos

This bird has been present for most of the fall and is a good bird for New Mexico birders.

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