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Bird Identification Questions for Europe

Example Question: (Example Question: There's a bird that's been coming to my garden for the past week. It's green and red and is very small...)

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identify your bird

Instantly identify any bird in 4 easy steps using our form below. To make it simpler for you, only the most regular birds of Britain and Europe will be shown to you. HINT: If you are unsure of anything, just leave it blank. If you can't find your bird first time, try again by leaving some sections blank and you will get more results to choose from. PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS IS BRITAIN AND EUROPE ONLY - N AMERICA COMING SOON!

1Where did you see your bird?

Was it in...

Britain and Ireland?

Continental Europe?


2 How big was your bird?

Was it similar in size or smaller than a sparrow?

Was it larger than a sparrow but the same size or smaller than a pigeon?

Was it much larger than a pigeon?


3 What was the habitat?

Was your bird in or on a large body of water such as a lake or ocean?




4 What colours were on your bird?

Select one or more colors that you saw on the bird . If you are unsure of any colors, don't select those colors.

. Brown . Light Blue . Cream .
. Dark Brown . Blue Grey . Buff
. Red Brown . Red . green
. Light Brown . Orange . yellow
. Black . Purple . olive
. White . Grey .. pink
. Blue . Dark Grey .

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