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Mexico This forum is for all birders to share trip reports and sightings in Mexico. Subscribe


African Birding The list is a joint initiative between the African Bird Club (ABC) and the PAOC Subscribe
South African Birding South African Birding Listserver Subscribe


Oriental Birding In association with the Oriental Bird Club Subscribe
Birds of Bombay Exchange for all who are interested in wild birds, birding in Bombay city and surrounding area Subscribe
Birds of Bangalore Exchange for all who are interested in wild birds, birding in Bangalore in India and surrounding area Subscribe
Kerala Birder A Discussion Forum for Birdwatchers of Kerala Subscribe
Malaysia Birders This is a mail list for birding in Malaysia Subscribe
Middle East Birdnet Birds and birdwatching in the Middle East, Caucasus and Central Asia. Run by OSME Subscribe


Birding Aus For anyone with an interest in Australian wild birds Subscribe
Canberra Birds COG has an email announcement and discussion list for members and friends Subscribe
NZ Birding Distribution of information regarding birding and birds in New Zealand Subscribe


EuroBirdnet Birds and birding across Europe Subscribe
EuroTwitch Interchanging up-to-date reports about major bird rarities of the Western Palearctic Subscribe
West Pal Birds WestPalBirds is the email discussion group with a different perspective on birding in the Western Palearctic Subscribe
French Lists Includes: Aves Contact | Champagne-Ardenne | Bretagne | Obs49 Subscribe
German Birdnet Seit 1996 die bewährte Mailingliste für Vogelgucker, Birder, Vogelschützer und alle Vogelinteressierten Subscribe
EBNNL Vogels en vogelwaarnemingen in NL en omgeving Subscribe
Ptaki Mailing list for Poland Subscribe
Irish Bird Network Birds and birding in Ireland Subscribe

South America

Neotropic Birding Bird Observations in the Neo Tropics Subscribe
Birding Peru Birding Peru is a newsgroup about birdwatching in Peru Subscribe


BirdChat Covers all discussion related to wild birds Subscribe
Bird Banders Bird Bander's Forum Subscribe
Cavnet Established in 1995 to foster scientific discourse concerning cavity-nesting birds Subscribe
ID Frontiers Frontiers of Field Identification Subscribe
Night Flight Calls Night Flight Calls of migratory birds Subscribe
Shrikes - Shrikeology Discussion group for all the lovers of SHRIKES Subscribe
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