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Finches, Old World Sparrows, Weavers

If you would like to add a link to your photo here at the gallery, then email us. Click on the image to see the full image and the webpage it is on. All photographs remain the copyright of the photographer. No use is allowed without their prior permission.

bird picture Mealy Redpoll

© Paul Hackett

Mealy Redpoll

More photos by A. Webb here

Winter Redpoll Feature here

bird picture Hoary Redpoll / Arctic Redpoll

© Ruth Sullivan

Hoary Redpoll / Arctic Redpoll

More photos by P. Hackett here

More photos by C. Wright here

Another photo by Ruth Sullivan here

bird picture Linnet

© Nigel Blake

bird picture Yellow-faced Grassquit

© Lee Snyder

Yellow-faced Grassquit
bird picture Desert Finch

© Mark Thomas

Desert Finch
bird picture Trumpeter Finch

© Nigel Blake

Trumpeter Finch
bird picture Protea Canary

© A. Duff

Protea Canary
bird picture European Serin

© Mike Malpass

European Serin
bird picture Brambling

© Brian Boldt


More photos by A. Webb and N. Sampford here

bird picture European Bullfinch

© Stefano Fantini

European Bullfinch

Another photo by Phil Davis here

bird picture Hawfinch

© T. Folland

bird picture Pine Grosbeak

© Hugh Harrop

Pine Grosbeak

A picture of a male is here

Another photo by A. Wilson here

bird picture White-winged Crossbill

© Larry Semo

White-winged Crossbill
bird picture Italian Sparrow

© Gunnar Hallgrímsson

Italian Sparrow
bird picture House Sparrow

© Roy Harvey

House Sparrow
bird picture Italian Sparrow

© Steve Preddy

Dead Sea Sparrow
bird picture Gray-crowned Rosyfinch

© D. Malueg

Gray-crowned Rosyfinch
bird picture Purple Finch

© Dave Hawkins

Purple Finch
bird picture House Finch

© Roy Harvey

House Finch
bird picture Common Rosefinch

© Deryk Shaw

Common Rosefinch

Another photo by Brian J Small here

More photos by Dave Read and Paul Hackett here

Another photo by Rob Fray here

bird picture American Goldfinch

© Roy Harvey

American Goldfinch
bird picture Social Weaver nest

© A. Duff

Social Weaver nest