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Vultures, Hawks, Eagles and Falcons

If you would like to add a link to your photo here at the gallery, then email us. Click on the image to see the full image and the webpage it is on. All photographs remain the copyright of the photographer. No use is allowed without their prior permission.

bird picture Crested Caracara

© Bas van den Boogaard

Crested Caracara
bird picture Egyptian Vulture

© John Judge

Egyptian Vulture
bird picture Griffon Vulture
© Mars Muusse
Griffon Vulture

Another photo from Channel Isles UK

bird picture Lammergeier
© Jaco Weldhagen
bird picture Andean Condor
© Don DesJardin
Andean Condor
bird picture Osprey

© Andy Farr


Another photo by Bill Baston here

Another photo by Paul Hackett here

Another photo by David Tipling here

bird picture Crested Serpent Eagle

© Bird Seekers

Crested Serpent Eagle
bird picture Martial Eagle

© Steve Arlow

Martial Eagle
bird picture Steller's Sea Eagle

© Tim Fitzharris

Steller's Sea Eagle
bird picture African Fish Eagle

© Tim Fitzharris

African Fish Eagle
bird picture Beaudouin's Eagle

© Peter Basterfield

Beaudouin's Eagle
bird picture Short-toed Eagle

© Yann Kolbeinsson

Short-toed Eagle
bird picture Booted Eagle

© James French

Booted Eagle
bird picture Montagu's Harrier

© Jim Pattinson

Montagu's Harrier

Another photo by M. Mendi here

bird picture Broad-winged Hawk

© Bill Schmoker

Broad-winged Hawk
bird picture Shikra

© Simon Woolley

bird picture Pale Chanting-Goshawk

© A. Duff

Pale Chanting-Goshawk
bird picture Eurasian Sparrowhawk

© Nigel Blake

Eurasian Sparrowhawk
bird picture Bat Falcon

© SJ Davies

Bat Falcon
bird picture Laughing Falcon

© SJ Davies

Laughing Falcon
bird picture Eleonora's Falcon

© Ugo Melloni

Eleonora's Falcon
bird picture Lanner Falcon

© Giuseppe Rossi

Lanner Falcon
bird picture Red-footed Falcon

© Bill Baston

Red-footed Falcon

possible Amur Falcon here

Another photo by M. Mendi here

bird picture Grey Kestrel

© Dean Smith

Grey Kestrel
bird picture Greater Kestrel

© A. Duff

Greater Kestrel
bird picture Lesser Kestrel

© Stefano Ricci

Lesser Kestrel
bird picture Seychelles Kestrel

© Peter Nash

Seychelles Kestrel
bird picture Eurasian Kestrel

© Nigel Blake

Eurasian Kestrel
bird picture Merlin

© Deryk Shaw


Another photo by D. Newell here

bird picture Gyr Falcon

© Don Crockett

Gyr Falcon

Another photo byM. Reid here

bird picture Peregrine Falcon

© Richard Kuzminski

Peregrine Falcon
bird picture Ferruginous Hawk

© Bas van den Boogaard

Ferruginous Hawk
bird picture Gray Hawk

© Bas van den Boogaard

Gray Hawk
bird picture White-tailed Hawk

© Bas van den Boogaard

White-tailed Hawk
bird picture Honey Buzzard

© Robert Goedegebuur

Honey Buzzard

Click here for an article

bird picture Rough-legged Buzzard

© John Judge

Rough-legged Buzzard

Another photo by Rob Fray here

Another photo by S. Blain here

Another photo by T. Brown here

bird picture Common Buzzard

© Vincent Munier

Common Buzzard
bird picture Double-toothed Kite

© A.Duff

Double-toothed Kite
bird picture Red Kite

© Iain Leach

Red Kite

Another photo by G. Catley here

Another photo by N. Blake here

bird picture Black-shouldered Kite

© Brian J Small

Black-shouldered Kite