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Jon Hall

Australian 1557
Following the checklist at . First new mammals of 2017 were all from South Africa with Riverine Rabbit, Spectacled Dormouse and Spotted-necked Otter (my final otter) among the 13+ new lilfers. Favourites from previous years include both Gorillas, both Pandas, all 4 Tapirs, all the Bears (except Sun Bear), all the Otters, Bactrian Camel & Marbled Polecat (Mongolia), Silky Anteater (Costa Rica), Chaco Peccary (Paraguay), Giant Armadillo (Brazil), Wolverine (Finland), Long-tailed Pangolin (Ghana), Congo Golden Mole (C.A.R), all the Douc Langurs (Vietnam), Pyrennean Desman (Spain), Short-eared Dog (western Amazon), Walruses (Spitzbergen), Narwhals (Baffin Island), Tamaraw (Philippines), Clouded Leopard (Borneo), Babyrusa (Sulawesi), Snow Leopard (Ladakh), Pallas's Cat (Tibet) and Solendon (Dominican Republic). Includes almost 270 Australian Mammals (inc Scaly-tailed Possum, Cape York Rock Wallaby, Northern Hairy-nosed Wombat and Gilbert's Potoroo). Check out . 20 September 16


Gerald Broddelez

Belgian 1202
2016 Highlights: Walia Ibex, Hisp Solenodon & Hutia, Lion-tailed Macaque, Stripe-necked Mongoose, Smooth-coated Otter, Dhole etc in S India, Harveys Duiker, Fringe-eared Oryx, Heart-nosed Bat, Sowerby's Beaked Whale, Blasius Hor. Bat, Pallas Cat, Chiru, Kiang, White-lipped Deer, Tib Fox Past highlights : Maned Wolf, Golden-lion Tamarin, Giant Armadillo, Numbat, S.Hairy-nosed Wombat, Quokka, etc in Australia, Medit. Monk Seal, Variegated Spider Monkey, Andean Squirrel and N.Naked -tailed Armadillo Past High Mountain Tapir and Spectacled Bear in Ecuador, AARDVARK , Tree Pangolin, Lord Derby's Anomalure in Ghana, others Mara, Fossa, Mme Bertha's Mouse lemur, Giant Jumping Rat, Zanzibar Galago & Colobus, Zanj Elephant Shrew, Eur. Wolverine, Baird's Tapir, Silky Anteater, Dugong, East Pygmy Possum, Woylie, Atherton Anthechinus amongst 80+ sp seen down under!Juan Fernandez Fur Seal,South Water Vole,Bobcat, Cuvier's Beaked Whale, Asiatic Wild Ass, Mongolian Gazelle, Siberian Ibex, Argali, Gobi Jerboa, Particolored Bat, Grey Lori, Golden Palm Civet, Rusty-spotted Cat, Puma, S.Pudu, Darwin's Fox, S.River Otter, Eld's Deer, Irriwaddy Dolphin, Black-shanked Douc.Giant Panda, Golden takin, Golden S-N Monkey and Red-and-White Flying Squirrel in China, Ganges River Dolphin in India, Canadian Lynx , Wolf with 5 cubs, Puma,Huemel,Chilean Dolphin in Chile, Eur Lynx, Eur Bison & Western Barbastelle in Poland Caracal, Afr Wild Cat, Aardwolf, Brown Hyena, Striped Polecat etc in South Africa. Snow Leopard. Ladakh Urial, Blue Sheep .Water Shrew Feathertail Glider, Platypus, Lumholtz's Tree-kangaroo, Northern Bettong, Lemoroid & Herbert River Possum down under, Pond Bat, Goldie's & Emperor Marmoset, Cantabrian Brown Bear & Medit. Horshoe Bat in Spain, Siberian Flying Squirrel & Northern Bat in Estonia, Jaguar ,Brazilian Tapir, Pantanal Marmoset ,Brazilian Porcupine ,Golden and Capped Langur, Yellow-throated Marten, Iberian Lynx, West Indian Manatee .Ruppels Fox, Sinai Barbastelle, Arabian HorshoeBat in Sinai, Golden-handed Tamarin, Guianan Saki Monkey, Giant Anteater in Guyana, Mandrill,Geoffroys Tamarin,Brown-handed Spider Monkey,Jaguarundi,False Vampire Bat ,Miller's Water Shrew,Pygmy Marmoset


Jonathan Rossouw / Apex Expeditions

South African 1118 (251 spp in 2016)
2016 highlights, all while guiding for Apex. NOV: Madag, with lifer STHN BAMBOO LEMUR & DANFOSS’S MOUSE LEMUR; OCT: Brazil, with Guianan Saki & Pied Tamarins in Manaus; Bald Uakari at Mamiraua; N GHOST BAT & bathing Brazilian Tapirs at Cristalino; multiple Jaguars, Giant Anteaters at Refugio Caiman; SEP: Baffin, with NARWHAL, BELUGA, BOWHEAD & ++ Polar Bears; AUG: Home in SA, with AARDVARK & GROUND PANGOLIN in Kalahari, Mtn Zebra & Sthn Right Whale in the Cape; JULY: Panama, with GEOFFROY’S TAMARIN, ROTHSCHILD’S PORCUPINE, W Lowland Olingo & False Vampire Bat; JUN: Palau to Japan, with Pacific White-sided Dolphin & lifer MARIANA FLYING-FOX; MAY: Qinghai & Sichuan, with EXTREME haul of CHINESE MTN & PALLAS’S CATS, CHIRU, WILD YAK, TIBETAN ARGALI, FOREST MUSK DEER, WHITE-MANED SEROW, HOG & ASIAN BADGERS, 6 spp pikas incl CHINESE RED; APR: Green season Botswana, with massive black-maned Kalahari Lions & Painted Dogs hunting in the delta; MAR Cape to Cape, with MELON-HEADED WHALE & SUBANTARCTIC FUR SEAL at Tristan da Cunha; FEB HISPANIOLAN SOLENODON & HUTIA; JAN: Papau, with SPOTTED CUSCUS (& 653 spp reef fish).


Richard Webb

976 (265 in 2016)
December 2016. 2016 additions include Margay and Long-tailed Weasel in Mexico, Sunda Clouded Leopard, Western Tarsier and Sunda Stink Badger in Sabah, Chinese Mountain Cat, Golden Snub-nosed Monkey and Hog Badger in Sichuan; Zorilla in South Africa, Baird's Tapir (Santa Rosa), Red-backed Squirrel Monkey, Northern Tamandua, Mexican Porcupine, Bushy-tailed Olingo and Honduran White Bat in Costa Rica, East Caucasian Tur and Persian Squirrel in Georgia. Includes 31 cats, all 8 bears, Red Panda, 7 otters, 151 primates and 180 ungulates. Top 10 highlights Bowhead in among the ice with Polar Bear on the ice behind in Canada, Belugas carrying small young on their backs near Anchorage, Walrus swimming up to within 3 feet of me on Spitsbergen, Snow Leopard in the snow in Kazakhstan, Tiger, Sloth Bear and Dhole on one great morning in Kanha, Giant Panda in Foping, Puma with young on a Guanaco kill in Chile plus a female plus young approaching to within a few feet of the car on another occasion, two Tigers on a kill in Nepal, 20+ Jaguars on trips to Brazil and Sunda Clouded Leopard for 45 minutes in Sabah.


Hugh Buck

British 917
Poland November 2016; European BisonFinland June 2016: Wolverine, Sabah and Sarawak April - May 2016. Tufted Pygmy Squirrel, Brooke's Squirrel, Red Leaf Monkey,


phil telfer

english 894
wild bactrian camel, saiga, corsac fox, pallas' cat, marbled and steppe polecat, Mongolia 2016.Clouded leopard, Malay stink badger, Borneo16.Spectral Bat, Zeledon's mouse opossum, Nicaragua,16.SichuanNov2015,Chinese Mountain cat,Golden Snub-nosed monkey,Chinese Ferret Badger, Forest Musk Deer.jaguarundi, pampas cat, geoffroys cat, lesser grison, hoary fox.2014,honey badger, kit fox. thailand2013,yellow-throated marten, brush-tailed porcupine,crab-eating mongoose Irrawaddy dolphin. silky anteater, bairds tapr. costa rica may13. giant armadillo, brazil, fennec fox tunisia. red panda in nepal feb.12 Serval and the wolf in Ethiopia october 11. grey long-eared bat and lesser molerat in Hungary sept 11.Close encounter with Javan rhino in Ujung Kulon, heard at 10 metres range but sadly not seen.Java and Malaysia June2011, Malay Tapir, Javan Gibbon, Javan Mouse deer, Banteng and Rusa. Recent highlight, Eurasian Lynx in Sweden, Garden doormouse in Spain.Tanzania 2011, white-bellied hedgehog, black and rufous elephant shrew, red-bellied coast squirrel.European Lynx in Poland, Nov. 2010. black-footed ferret American badger in Arizona, sept,2010.siberian flying squirrel, racoon dog estonia may 2010 ecuador 2010, mountain tapir. pygmy marmoset, golden-mantled tamarin, kinkajou. feb 2010 numbat, spot-tailed quoll and bilby. fosa, giant jumping rat, 24 lemurs, 3 tenrecs. previous giant panda, snow leopard,wolverine, jaguar, puma,fishing cat, rusty-spotted cat, canada lynx, iberian lynx, tarsier, golden palm civet, blue whale, bowhead.


Mark Van Beirs

Belgian 872
September 2015: Bonobo, Wolf's Monkey, African Palm Civet and Red River Hog in the DRC. June 2015: Japanese Giant Flying Squirrel and Japanese Badger in Japan and Guadeloupe Fur Seal in Baja California. March 2015: Lesser Mouse Deer and Fea's Muntjac in Thailand. February 2015: Fabulous Aardvark, Black-footed Cat and Aardwolf in South Africa. January 2015: Lord Derby's, Beecroft's and Pel's Anomalures in Ghana. June 2014: Sunda Colugo and a batch of leaf monkeys and squirrels in Peninsular Malaysia. December 2013: Philippine Flying Lemur and Philippine Tarsier on Bohol (Philippines), a selection of Flying Foxes in Micronesia, Hawaiian Monk Seal on Oahu (Hawaii) and Pampas Cat in NW Argentina. September 2013: Lovely Lumholtz's and Bennett's Tree Kangaroos, Sugar Glider and Green Ringtail, Herbert River Ringtail and cute Striped Possums in Queensland, Australia. April 2013: Equatorial Saki and Napo Tamarin in Ecuador. January 2013: Nilgiri Langur, Nilgiri Tahr, Travancore Flying Squirrel and Indian Chevrotain in Southern India. October 2012: Wolverine in Finland and Admiralty Cuccus on Manus (PNG). May 2012: Dhole and Four-horned Antelope in India and Olive Colobus and Potto in Ghana. March 2012: Cozumel Raccoon and Yucatan Black Howler Monkey in Yucatan. Red-handed Tamarin and Guyanan Red Howler Monkey in Suriname. December 2011: Sangihe Tarsier, Peleng Cuscus and Rosenberg's Dwarf Squirrel on the islands beyond Sulawesi. October 2011: A fabulous Snow Leopard and lovely Kiang in Ladakh.


David Shackelford

USA 845
Some recent mammals include Irrawady Dolphin, Black Wallaroo, Western Lowland Gorilla, Yangtze Finless Porpoise, Arnoux’s Beaked Whale. Overall highlights include: trekking for Mountain Gorilla, Orangutan, Maned, Simian, and Gray Wolves, Platypus, Spectacled and Grizzly Bears, Giant Armadillo, Pichi, Pallas’ Cat, unforgettable views of Clouded Leopard in Bhutan, Ganges River Dolphin, Chimpanzee, Pallas's Cat, hunting Killer Whale, Bengal Tiger, Mountain Nyala, Jaguar, Diademed Sifaka and Indri in incomparable Madagascar, Indian One-horned Rhinoceros, Striped Hyena, Puma, Blue Whale, Amazonian Manatee, Polar Bear, and Giant Panda in the wild!


Stephen F. Bailey

USA 779
Peru, Nov. 2016: Sanborn's Squirrel, Northern Viscacha, Gray Woolly Monkey.


Dion Hobcroft

Australia 768
2016: Golden Bamboo Lemur, Milne-Edward's Sifaka, Leadbeater's Possum, Sharpe's Grysbok, Bismarck Flying-fox 2015: Yarkand Hare, Bower's White-toothed Rat 2014: Pygmy Ringtail, Shrew-faced Ground-Squirrel, Siberian Ibex, Goitered Gazelle, Spectacled Hare-Wallaby, Small Five-toed Jerboa, Corsac Fox, Golden Snub-nosed Monkey. 2013: Sun Bear, Walrus, Northern Pika, 10 sp. Lemur2012: Maritime Striped Squirrel, Pere David's Deer (re-introduced) Silvery Gibbon, Javan Grizzled Langur, Scaly-tailed Possum, Rock Ringtail, Rothschild's Rock-Wallaby, Spectral Tarsier, Bear Cuscus, Sulawesi Black Macaque, Cheetah, Philippine Colugo, Palawan Flying-Squirrel 2011: Stripe-backed Weasel. Takin, Reed Vole, Siberian Roe Deer, Inez Vole, Giant Panda, Red and White Giant Flying Squirrel, Pallas's Cat:2010: New Zealand: NZ Wattled Bat: PNG: Calaby's Pademelon, Silky Cuscus, Large-eared Flying-Fox, Black-tailed Antechinus: China: Swinhoe's Striped Squirrel, Daurian Ground-SquirrelThailand:Malayan Slit-faced Bat, Greater Woolly Horseshoe Bat, Trident Roundleaf Bat, Great Roundleaf Bat, Asian Slow Loris:India: Asiatic Lion, Egyptian Tomb Bat, Greater Mouse-tailed Bat, Intermediate Horseshoe Bat, Lesser Bandicoot Rat, Sand-coloured Rat: Oct 09: New mammals this year include Black-tailed Melomys, NB Bare-backed Fruit-Bat, Honey Possum, Moonrat, Striped and Large Treeshrew, Island Flying-fox, Short-nosed Fruit-Bat, Sunda Slow Loris, Earspot Squirrel, Low's Squirrel, Four-striped Ground Squirrel, Temminck's and Thomas's Flying Squirrels, Malay Badger, Hairy-nosed and Small-clawed Otter, Flat-headed Cat, Mountain Gazelle, Bezoar Ibex, Persian Jird, Persian Squirrel, Particoloured Bat, Asia Minor Ground Squirrel, Social Vole, Yellow-necked Field Mouse,Western Quoll, Indian Crested Porcupine, Small Indian Field Mouse, Indian Bush Rat, Naked-rumped Tomb Bat, Phayre's Flying Squirrel and Forrest's Rock Squirrel. 2008 recent mammals have been Julia Creek Dunnart, Long-haired Rat, Purple-necked Rock Wallaby, Rusty and Fawn Antechinus, Delicate Mouse, Marbled Cat, Bennett's Tree Kangaroo, Tropical Short-tailed Mouse and Proserpine Rock Wallaby.


Steve Riley

UK 768
Ultimate experiences include sitting with and 'shaking hands' with Mountain Gorillas in Uganda, being 5m. from a Tiger with 2 cubs, watching a Humpback Whale breeching , fabulous moments with both Elephant species, Ethiopian Wolves courtship, Sea Otters shelling mussels and seeing 27 Lemur species in Madagascar.


Steve Morgan

UK 760
Latest additions (Kenya, November 2016): Hirola, , Desert Warthog,Lesser Kudu, Gerenuk, Small-eared Greater Galago. , Previously: Zeledon's Mouse Opossum, Dusky Bat, Chinese Mountsin Cat, Golden Snub-nosed Monkey (not Foping!), Forest Musk Deer, Ferret-badger, Hog-Badger,Tasmanian Devil, Honey Possum, Pallas' Cat, Tibetan Antelope, Przewalski's Gazelle, Asian Bader. Previously: Flat-headed Cat, Pen-tailed Treeshrew (Sumatra June 2014). Earlier highlights:Geoffroy's Cat, Pampas Fox, Plains Viscacha. Previous highlights include Snow Leopard, Fishing Cat, Fosa, Blue Whale, Sperm Whale, Long-tailed Pangolin, Ethiopian Wolf, Wolverine, Red Panda, Greater Bamboo Lemur, Darwin's Fox, Giant Armadillo, Black-footed Ferret, Dwarf Hairy Orange-spined Porcupine, Congo Clawless Otter, Malay Tapir and both Lowland and Mountain Gorrillas.


Kenny Ross

Scottish 746
Utah, Idaho, Wyoming, Montana and South Dakota July 2016: bison, american mink, american badger; north american river otter; ord's kangaroo rat; piute, golden-mantled, richardson's and uinta ground squirrels; desert and mountain cottontails; american pika; black-tailed prairie-dog; yellow-bellied marmot; least and yellow-pine chipmunks.


K. David Bishop/David Bishop Bird Tours

Brit/Aus 727
June 2015 - Zanj Giant Elephant-Shrew. Polar Bear, Walrus, Tiger, Moonrat, Lesser False Vampire Bat, Cusimanse; Sperm Whale; Bay Cat; Malay Pangolin; Aardvark; Jaguar; Cougar.


Martin Royle

English 717
1x Solenodons; 1x Aardvark; 138x Bats; 58x Bovidea; 3x Camelids; 4x Elephant Shrews; 6x Treeshrews; 97x Carnivores; 22x Cetaceans; 29x Deer; 2x Elephants; 5x Equine; 3x Giraffid; 1x Hippo; 3x Hyrax; 13x Insectivores; 18x Lagomorphs; 40x Australasian Marsupials; 6x Neotropical Marsupials; 1x Pangolins; 2x Monotremes; 10x Pigs; 11x Pinnipeds; 1x Colugo, 88x Primates; 3x Rhinos; 137x Rodents; 1x Siereina; 1x Tapir; 5x Xenartha - Brown Hyena, Namib Long-eared Bat, Weyn's duiker, Andorge's wrinkle-lipped bat, Servaline genet, Spotted linsang, Owston's civet, Red-shanked douc, Fea's Muntjac, Large-toothed Ferret Badger, Northern & Southern Buff-cheeked Gibbons, Cat Ba Langur, Hispaniolan hutia, Hispaniolan Solenodon, Hirola, Somali dwarf mongoose, Southern tree hyrax, Olinguito, Jurua Red-howler Monkey, Fringe-lipped Bat, Smith's Red Rock Hare, Aardvark, Black-footed Cat, Karoo Rock Elephant Shrew, Ground Pangolin, Red Panda, Finless Porpoise, Llanos long-nosed armadillo, Venezuelan red howler monkey, Weeper capuchin, Ussuri shrew, Malbrouck's monkey, Banded Civet, Pen-tailed Treeshrew, Marbled cat, North Sulawesi babirusa, Siamang, Sulaewsi bear cuscus, Sumatran orangutan, Mexcio mouse opossum, Yucatan black howler monkey, Sable, Siberian flying Squirrel, Ussuri White-toothed Shrew, Striped hyena, Indian hairy-footed gerbil, Flat-headed cat, Maned wolf, Ridley's roundlead bat, Malay skink badger, Sunda colugo, Bornean yellow muntjac, Wrinkle-faced bat, Salvin's big-eyed bat, Phayre's leaf monkey, Hose's langur, Himalayan Whiskered Bat, Bhutan Giant Flying-Squirrel, Rusty-spotted Cat, Brazilian porcupine, American Badger, Island Grey Fox, Southern Oncilla, Water chevrotain, Potto, Daini's coastal galago, Wolverine, Snow Leopard, Pale-grey Shrew, Mountain Weasel, Blue Whale, Lumholtz' tree Kangaroo, Tasmanian Devil, Jaguar, Dugong, Hoary Fox, Iberian Lynx, Cuvier's Beaked Whale, Blotched Genet, Hildegaarde's Broad-Headed Mouse, Giant Forest Hog - includes trips to UK, Croatia, France, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Czech Rep, Greece, Turkey, Finland, Russia, Uganda, Rwanda, South Africa, UEA, Maldives, India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan, Japan, Malaysia, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, Australia, Brazil, Ecuador, USA, Cuba, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Honduras, Indonesia, Namibia, Angola, Kenya, Venezuela & Peru. Last updated 12/01/2017


Karen Baker

English 710
Latest Highlights - Zeledon's Mouse Opossum, Northern Tamandua, Hooded & Spotted Skunk, and 45 species of bats !!


John A. Shrader

USA (Ohio) 706
List updated on June 26, 2016. During 2014, we added European Bison in Poland, and Stephen's Kangaroo Rat in southern California. In Columbia in June 2015, we saw Andean Squirrel in the Central Andes. During 2015, we finished all the chipmunks in the USA, with a road-trip from New Mexico through Arizona to Utah, adding Grey-collared, Grey-footed, and Hopi Chipmunks. We only have two species left for the world now, both in Mexico. In addition, we saw the amazing Banner-tailed Kangaroo Rat in southern NM. During 2016, we added Taiwan Serow, Red-and-white Giant Flying Squirrel, and Chinese Ferret-Badger in the mountains of Taiwan, and the Palau Flying Fox and Polynesian Sheath-tailed Bat in Palau. We also did a


Karen A. Shrader

USA (Ohio) 705
List updated on June 26, 2016. During 2014, we added European Bison in Poland, and Stephen's Kangaroo Rat in southern California. In Columbia in June 2015, we saw Andean Squirrel in the Central Andes. During 2015, we finished all the chipmunks in the USA, with a road-trip from New Mexico through Arizona to Utah, adding Grey-collared, Grey-footed, and Hopi Chipmunks. We only have two species left for the world now, both in Mexico. In addition, we saw the amazing Banner-tailed Kangaroo Rat in southern NM. During 2016, we added Taiwan Serow, Red-and-white Giant Flying Squirrel, and Chinese Ferret-Badger in the mountains of Taiwan, and the Palau Flying Fox and Polynesian Sheath-tailed Bat in Palau. We also did a "Grand Ground Squirrel Expedition" from SW Idaho to Southcentral Washington and NW Oregon, getting six new ground squirrels, including Southern and Northern Idaho, Piute, Merriam's, Washington, and Townsend's. We finally saw American Badger after looking for over two decades (Snake River Birds of Prey area), and the icing on the cake was a short but excellent view of a Sewellel (Mountain Beaver) on the SW slope of Mt. Hood (Lolo Pass Rd.)



English 666
Recent additions: Black Agouti, Guayaquil Squirrel, Brown-headed Spider Monkey & Sechuran Fox.


Jonathan Newman

British 661
Latest additions Rothschilds Cuscus, Guiana Red Howler, Tyler's Mouse Possum, Guianan White-eared Possum, Fisher, Snowshoe Hare, Least Chipmunk, American Red Squirrel Minnesota 2015; Previous highlights include Admiralty Cuscus, Geoffroy's Pied Colobus, Namdapha Flying Squirrel, Plains Viscacha, Orange-spined Hairy Dwarf Porcupine, Pallas and Geoffroy's Cat, Aardwolf, Sand Fox, Bush Dog, Humbolt's Hog-nosed Skunk, Kiang, Onager, Dwarf Brocket and Killer Whales beaching!


Paul Carter

British 660
2015: Water Opossum, Red Panda, Chinese Zokor, Chinese Mountain Cat, Pallas' Cat, Blue Whale. 2016: Leadbeater's Possum, Aardwolf, Caracal, Riverine Rabbit, Clouded Leopard


Petri Hottola

Finnish (Karelian) 647
In June - August, 16 new mammal species in Peru, Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines.


Markus Lilje/INDRI

South African 596
Some more in Ghana, a bunch in Gabon, including Red River Hog, Forest Elephant and a few primates, Risso's Dolphin in Madagascar; Chimp in Uganda; Stoat and Grey Seal in Germany. Previously a few in Thailand including Dhole finally, South Indian species plus Mountain Gorilla, Tanala Tuft-tailed Rat; Canada 40 new; Angola...Brazil 5 weeks and Cameroon for 2,5 months in 2011; November 2010 Madagascar around 32 new species including Hova Mole and Lesser Hedgehog Tenrecs and 22 lemurs; May 2010 in Borneo: Bornean Clouded Leopard, Leopard Cat, Colugo, 4 tree shrews, 16 new squirrels; Feb/Mar Antarctica and Bhutan: Blue and Killer Whales, 4 seals etc, Indian Rhino, Hoolock, Golden Langur and 3 Pikas ;Ethiopia incl. Gelada, Walia Ibex, Giant Mole-RatStark's Hare; Sri Lanka and India 09: Sloth Bear, Red Slender Loris, Asian Elephant, Water Buffalo, Yellow-throated Marten, Striped Hyaena Aug 2008: Tanzania-Zanzibar Red and Guereza Colobus, Gerenuk, Yellow-winged Bat and Lesser Kudu. Dec 2007: India-Tiger, Indian Fox, Ruddy Mongoose, Goral, Jungle cat


Curtis Hart

USA, Michigan 588
Yellow-faced Pocket Gopher, Lesser Long-nosed Bat, and a few other bats, Spring 2016. Moor Macaque, Feb 2016. Waigeo Cuscus, Northern Common Cuscus, and Striped Possum in Raja Ampat, Feb 16. Sun Bear, Binturong, Smooth Otters, Fawn Leaf-nosed Bat, and Lesser Treeshrew, Nov/Dec 2015. Fisher, Western Spotted Skunk, Mexican Long-tongued Bat, Fall '15. African Wild Dog, Naked Mole Rat, Speke's Pectinator, Walia Ibex, Desert Warthog, Heart-nosed Bats, Lesser Mouse-tailed Bat, and Giant Mastiff Bat, Ethiopia spring '15. Pennant's Red Colobus, Drill, Cameroon Scaly-tail, Tree Pangolin, and Central African Linsang, Bioko EG winter 2014/2015. Buffy Flower Bat, Waterhouse's Leaf-nosed Bat, Pantropical Spotted Dolphin, and Bahamian Hutia, Bahamas early 2014. Past favorites include Black-footed Cat, Caracal, Aardvark, Brown Hyena, Cheetah, North Atlantic Right Whale, Canada Lynx, Hoary Bat, Virginia Big-eared Bat, Lesser False Vampire Bat, Siamang, Sloth Bear, Lion-tailed Macaque, Bengal Tiger, Jaguar, Giant Anteater, Baird's Tapir, Ocelot, and both Orangutans.


John Pilgrim

English 551
Japanese Serow, Amami Rabbit


Holly Faithfull

English 546
7.1.08 Saw my first Eurasian Badger in Wales at New Year.


Nigel Redman

British 545
Total as at 30 Sept 2007. Recent highlights incude Polar Bear, Arctic Fox, Walrus and Beluga (all on Spitsbergen), Cuvier's Beaked Whale, Sperm Whales, and Striped Dolphin (Biscay trip)


Scott Watson

Canadian 525
Borneo June 2016: Marbled Cat, Sunda Colugo, Bornean Slow Loris, Whitehead's Pygmy Squirrel. Borneo June 2015: Orangutan, Bornean Gibbon, Leopard Cat, Plain Pygmy Squirrel. Uganda, June 2014: Mountain Gorilla and Chimpanzee! Dec. 2013: Giant Otter in Manu, Peru. Aug 2013; Cheetah, and Giant Forest Hog in Kenya. July 2013; Gray Seal and Long-finned Pilot Whale in Nova Scotia, Canada. Jan. 2013: African Wild Dog in RSA. Lowland Streaked Tenrec, Crowned Sifaka, Red-ruffed Lemur, Madagascar Nov. 2012. SNOW LEOPARD!!! Ladakh, March 2012. Red Panda in Sichuan 2007, Cuvier's Beaked-Whale 2010, Aardwolf and Leopard 2011, 27 Lemurs in Madagascar plus an awsome Lesser Hedgehog Tenrec. Jan 2012: AARDVARK in Karoo NP


Bernard Couronne

French 513
Update June 2016 : Steller's Sea-Lion, Mountain Goat, Dall Sheep and Musk Ox Alaska June 2016 ; Rueppell's Fox Oman October 2015 ; Saiga and Corsac Fox Kazakhstan May 2015 ; Gray and Humpback Whales, Guadalupe Fur Seal Baja California plus Pronghorn Arizona April 2015 ; Spectral Tarsier Sulawesi September 2014 ; Mediterranean Monk seal and Bryde's Whale Madeira August 2014 ; Caribbean Manatee Honduras April 2014 ; Mountain Gazelle Israël March 2014 ; Japanese Serow Japan February 2014 ; Hawaiian Monk seal Oahu November 2013. December 2012 : my mammal list is the result of more than 60 birding trips during 34 years. My favorites : Giant Anteater Brazil 2006, Indri Madagascar 1997, Lemurine Night-Monkey Colombia 2010, Guereza Kenya 1987, Drill Camerun 2012, Mountain Gorilla Rwanda 1990, Orang-Utan and Proboscis Monkey Borneo 1995, Dhole India 1996, Wild Dog South Africa 1992, Wolf Spain 2009, Maned Wolf Brazil 2006, Abyssinian Wolf Ethiopia 2009, Polar Bear Svalbard 2008, Sea Otter California 1989, Giant Otter Peru 2002, Tiger India 1983, Leopard Nepal 1986, Cheetah Kenya 1997, Ocelot Brazil 2006, Iberian Lynx Spain 2010, Puma Peru 2011, Walrus Svalbard 2008, Hector's Dolphin New Zealand 2000, Killer Whale Chile 2011, Beluga Svalbard 2008, Blue Whale California 1989 and Indian Rhinoceros Nepal 1986.


Dale Herter

USA 506
2016: Added over 30 mammals from Madagascar, including over two dozen lemurs, all of which are quite impressive.


Steeman Chris

Belgian 466
Update February 2016: Iberian Lynx near Andujar, Spain. Oct 2015: seen 2 Wolverines near Viiksimo, Finland. Dec 2013 short trip to Philippines, best species: Philippine Flying Lemur and Philippine Tarsier and some bats, Dec 2013 Micronesia mostly Flying Fox's & Bats. January 2013: Nilgiri Langur, Nilgiri Tahr, Travancore Flying Squirrel, Dhole and Indian Chevrotain in Southern India


Roland Johansson

Swedish 462
Sunda Clouded Leopard & Flat-headed Cat in Sabah, Borneo, april 2016. Hamadryas Baboon, Starck´s Hare in Ethiopia, March-April 2015. Giant Leaf-nosed Bat in Kenya, october 2014. Lesser Grison in Argentina, december 2013. Azara´s Night Monkey, Spix´s Howler & Kinkajou in Brazil, june 2012. Agile Gibbon, Sumatran Orangutan and Malayan Tapir in Sumatra and Malysia, january 2012. Wolf in Finland, june 2011.


Keith Millar

British 457
Jun 16: Svalbard - Harp Seal, (Svalbard) Reindeer, Minke Whale, Polar Bear, Bearded Seal, Ringed Seal, Bowhead Whale, Arctic Fox, Beluga, Walrus (also eight blue whales in a single feeding area with two Humpbacks).


Kurt Wolfgang S. Ranslem

U.S. (Calif.) 456
Mountina Gorilla, Lion, Leopard, Cheetah, Serval, Caracal, Jaguar, Ocelot, Tiger,Narwhal, Beluga, Indian Flying Fox, Vampire Bat


Don Roberson

USA (Calif) 454
Needs updating since 2010 (haven't yet done that). From 2010 perspective, most recent were in Brazil (Jaguar, Giant Anteater, Maned Wolf) and China (Takin, Golden Snub-nosed Monkey).


Mark Tasker

Scottish 451
A few of the Philippine and Sulawesi endemics - it would be nice to have seen more! After good outing to Sichuan May/June 2014: added hog badger, 4 pika species and grey wolf. After Jan/Feb 2014 in NE Brazil. August/September 2013. Giant anteater, Brazilian porcupine, Southern Tamandua and a nice range of monkeys in Brazilian Amazonia. July 2013. Speckled Dasyure, Red-bellied Marsupial Shrew, Gerald Broddelez in his element, West Papua


Yvon Princen

Belgian 447
Comoro black Flying Fox on Anjouan A real wild Black Rhino with kalf in Western Masai Mara, Persian squirrel, Peleng cuscus, Sangihe tarsier, Philippine flying lemur Northcentral Peru delivered Peruvian Night Monkey at Abra Patricia at a few meters of the Long Whiskered Owlet hooting. Also a few new in Western Mexico. Sanje Mangabey, Pemba Flying Fox, Black and Rufous Elephant Shrew, Honey Badger, Spectral Tarsier, Moor Macaque, several species of Moluccan flying foxes, Mountain Nyala, Ethiopian Wolf, Geoffrey's marmoset, Three toed Sloth in Linhares (Espritu Santu), aardvark, Irrawaddy Dolphin, Indri, cheetah, mountain gorilla, european water vole


Jörg Hanoldt

German 445
October 2016 South Africa: Both Galagos, Square-lipped Rhino


Mike Richardson

British 414
Most recent highlights: Israel (Feb 2016) Striped Hyena, Jungle Cat, Indian Crested Porcupine and Golden Spiny Mouse; California (Oct 2015) Kit Fox, Great Basin Pocket Mouse, Panamint Kangaroo Rat, Long-eared Chipmunk etc; Nicaragua (Feb 2015) Water Opossum, Hairy-legged Vampire, Spectral Bat, Wrinkled-faced Bat, Armored Rat, Bushy-tailed Olingo etc, etc. France and Spain (Sep 2014) Cambrian Brown Bear, Lesser Mouse-eared Bat, Long-fingered Bat; Croatia (May 2014) Mediterranean Monk Seal; Western Sahara (Feb 2014) Sand Cat, Fennec Fox, Ruppell's Fox, Desert Hedgehog, etc.; Florida (Oct 2013) Eastern Spotted Skunk, Marsh Rice Rat; Arizona (April 2013) Black-footed Ferret, Ringtail, American Badger and White-nosed Coati; Spain (Feb 2013) Iberian Wolf; South Africa (Oct 2012) African Wild Dog, Black-footed Cat, Serval, Aardvark, Honey Badger, White-tailed Mongoose, Cape Porcupine and Hairy-footed Gerbil. Past highlights: Iberian Lynx, Caracal, Bobcat, Cape Grysbok, Maxwell's Duiker, European Polecat, Platypus, Tasmanian Devil and Cuvier's Beaked Whale.


Gavin Bieber

Canadian 413
mainland Australia Quokka, Short-eared Rock-Wallaby on recent OZ Tour


Brian Fletcher

British/Australian 412
Platypus, Tasmanian Devil, Lumholtz's Tree Kangaroo, Northern Quoll, Bear Cuscus, Manatee, Sperm Whale, Sable Antelope, African Wild Dog, Leopard, Cheetah, Indian Rhino, Grizzly Bear, Spectral Tarsier, Pygmy Marmoset, Chimpanzee and Mountain Gorilla, Irrawady River Dolphin, Jan 06 Fosa, Common Teneric, Indri and a variety of other lemurs in Madagascar Oct/Nov; 06 Golden Cat, Western Lowland Gorilla, Mandrill, Red-capped Mangaby, Crowned Guenon, Red River Hog, Sitatunga, Yellow-backed Duiker Gabon Aug/07; Mantled Howler Monkey, Geoffrey's Tamarin, Crab-eating Raccoon, Central American Woolly Possum, Costa Rica/Panama Oct/Nov 07, Hector's and Dusky Dolphins, Hooker's Sea Lion and N.Z. Fur Seal, Feb. 08; Malaysian Tapir 2009: Narrow-striped and Red-bellied Marsupial Shrews, Moss-forest Rat and Spinner Dolphins, West Papua 2010; Giant Anteater, Weeper Capuchin Monkey and Brazilian Porcupine, Venezuela 2011.Polar Bear, Arctic Fox, Walrus, Blue and Beluga Whales, Spitzbergen June 2015, Brydes and Blainefields Beaked Whales, S.E.Brazil Nov. 2015 Buffy-Headed and White-Headed Marmosets and Brown Howler Monkeys


Malcolm Turner

Australian 407
2016 Black-eared (Blyth's) Flying Fox, Andamans; Pygmy Killer Whale, Andaman Sea; Irrawaddy Squirrel, Myanmar; Sumatran Orangutan; Javan Langur. 2015 Subantarctic Fur Seal, Antipodes Islands; Kosrae Flying Fox, Micronesia; Omuras Whale, Sabu Is Indonesia; Horse-tailed Squirrel, Sabah; Northern Leaf-nosed Bat (formally Lesser wart-nosed horseshoe bat -great name), Kimberley, Australia July 2015; Temotu, Orca and Antarctic Fur Seal, Macquarie Is Jan 2015; 33 new mammals on second trip to Africa Sept 2014 (saw the ugly five), Formosan Serow, Bornean Pygmy Elephant 2014. Narbalek, Monjon and Mangrove Pipistrelle on Kimberley coast in 09/2012. Tarsier and Slow Loris in Sabah 2010. Favourites, Mountain Gorilla of course, swimming with Right Whales and Galapaos Fur Seals, African Hunting Dogs in the migrating herds, waking with a Spot-tailed Quoll on my head, picking up a wandering Mole, Hairy Armadillo snuffling my feet and Himalayan Thar.


Ian Adam

UK 406
Updated 17/11/13. Recent additions: Pere Davids Squirrel, China.


Simon Gawn

Canadian 405
Sept 2016; 5 new squirrels in California. Jul/Aug 2016, South Africa and Namibia; Aardwolf, Gemsbok, Cape Porcupine, Aardvark


Karl Schmidt

German 398
2008: Grey Whale, Fin Whale, Minke Whale, Beluga, Blue Whale; Highlights: Mountain Gorilla, Jaguar, Tiger, Mountain Lion, Polar Bear, Wolf, Platypus, Lumholtz Tree Kangeroo, Koala; 2010: new Kangeroos, Dugong and Dromedar in Australia; 2012 African Wild Dog, Chimpanzee, Sea Leopard, Hour Glass Dolphin


Clayton Burne / Rockjumper Birding Tours

South African 387
2016 - Namibia


Rod Cassidy

South African 387
Just starting to collate all my list over many years of Travel... Highlight include Giant Panda, Bongo, 77 species of primate. My target to finish collating my list in the next months and to start a small mammal research program at our lodge in Central Africa to add bats rodents and small insectivores to my list.


Steve Vaughan

UK 382
First entered list Oct 2015. Highlights from trips to date Ethiopian Wolf, Polar Bear, Baird's Tapir, 25 Lemur species, Chimpanzee, Mountain Gorilla.


Cathy Pasterczyk

USA 367
Most recent as of March 2011: Aardvark, Aardwolf, Ethiopian Wolf. Some favorites: Indian Rhinosaurus, Jungle Cat, Smooth-coated Otter, Geoffroy's Cat, Beluga, Brazilian Tapir, Leopard, Tiger, Giant Anteater, Maned Wolf, Daurian Pika.


James Eaton / Birdtour Asia

British 361
Latest: Grey-shanked Douc, Jan 12. Past highlights: Giant and Red Panda, Takin and Black Snub-nosed Monkey (China), Indonesian Mountain Weasel (2nd ever field sighting), Bornean Clouded Leopard, Binturong, Golden Cat (Sumatra), Javan Gibbon (Java), White-fronted & Hose's Langur, Mueller's Gibbon, Marbled Cat (Borneo), Malay Tapir & Sunda Loris (Malaysia), Eld's Deer, Pygmy Loris, Gaur (Cambodia), Delacour's & Hatinh Langur, Annamese Gibbon (Vietnam), White-headed Langur (China), Grey Loris (Sri Lanka), Asiatic Lion (India). Still going through past trip lists!
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