A Day Out in Norfolk

With Belvide being so quiet, the chance for a trip to Norfolk was too good to turn down. A Great Knot has been present in the Titchwell/Scolt Head area for over 2 weeks and not having seen one since the skip pool creek bird in 2004, it would be good to see one again.

The bird performed well to an early morning crowd at Holme dunes before we arrived and is superbly captured by Nigel Talbot’s photo below. The bird flew back to Scolt Head, where it stayed until mid afternoon before flying  back to Holme where we saw it well. The day was complemented with good views of Spotted Redshank (photo), Spoonbill, Ruff, Barwits, Blackwits, Avocets and Marsh Harriers.Great Knot2Spotshank

Belvide 24.6.16

No news for today. Below is a photo of the 2 miscreants that stole our boat and were shooting at the birds last Saturday. The wildlife crime police are on the case. If you do encounter these 2 on a visit to Belvide, don’t hesitate to phone 999.Wankers

Belvide 23.6.16 Cloudy W1

Some good news today is the first successful breeding attempt by a pair of BH Gulls on the shingle island. A newly hatched chick could be seen. The only previous attempts was a unsuccessful pair pair in 1962 and a pair sat for a week last year. With 3 other pairs still sat on nests, hopefully it won’t be long before more chicks are hatching.

6 Black-tailed Godwit flew thru to the south east at midday. A Common Sandpiper was on the Chappell bund. A new brood of 10 Gadwall chicks were on the north shore. 2 Shelduck and 29 Mute Swans were counted. A Hobby was hawking dragonflies this afternoon.

Belvide 19.6.16 Overcast SW 2

An incident happened yesterday evening which involved 2 men who stole our boat and went out onto the reservoir armed with high powered rifles shooting at the birds. Luckily they were challenged by members of Brewood Anglers who were on site at the time. The 2 men bailed out of the boat and run off along the dam where they sped off in a blue astra which was parked on the A5. Can I please request that anyone who visits the reserve, can they please be vigilant regarding any suspicious activity. There are phone numbers at the back of the hide if you do see anything suspicious. Thank you.

The reservoir is now brimming full again. It has flooded out a BH Gulls nest that was on a tree stump along the south east bay. The pair of Oystercatchers nesting on the shingle island have failed. A new brood of 9 Gadwall were at the west end. A Green Woodpecker and 3 Grey Wagtail were by the spill weir this morning. The first Painted Lady of the year was below the dam.

Belvide 16.6.16 Heavy Showers ENE 2

Very quiet this morning. 6 Oystercatcher were present plus 2 chicks still surviving on the north shore. The 3 pairs of Mute Swans have had a very poor success rate in keeping their cygnets. The West Marsh pair have 1 cygnet from 5. The South East bay pair also have just 1 cygnet from 5, and the north shore pair appears to have lost all 7 of their cygnets over the last 3 days. It is a total mystery what is taking these birds when you compare how good Canada Geese are at keeping alive their young with 53 goslings this year.

Belvide 15.6.16 Heavy Showers ENE 1

An Osprey flew thru to the north at 1.20pm. The torrential rain that we have had over the last 48 hours has resulted in the reservoir level rising by at least 6 inches covering over any exposed shoreline.. This has meant that the LRP’s nest on the north shore has been flooded out. It also seems to have pushed a lot of the wildfowl off with Gadwall down to 10 from 94 and Teal down to 5 from 23. 3 female Shoveler were noted.

Belvide 13.6.16 Patchy Rain NW 2

A Red Kite was sat in a cut silage field along the Shropshire Union  canal between Belvide and Brewood between 0830-1150 hrs. A Hobby was perched in a tree beyond the west marsh this afternoon. A 1st summer Yellow-legged Gull dropped in late afternoon. 2 Water Rail chicks were seen along the footpath near the West End Hide.

Belvide 2.6.16 Sunny Afternoon NE 3

The 2 Turnstone remain either on the Chappell or SE Bay bunds. Also 6 LRP and a Curlew flew west late afternoon.. A Red Kite flew over to the north at 2.25pm, also a Hobby was chasing Swifts this afternoon. A 3rd Summer Yellow-legged Gull (photos) was on the north shore with 127 LBB Gulls which is an unusual summer gathering for the reserve. 6 Shelduck and 13 Pochard were counted.YL GullYL Gull2