Belvide Overcast S 4-5

Bird of the day was a Little Egret that dropped on the north shore briefly at 2.50pm before flying off south. The male Blackcap was seen near the Scott hide. 2 Dunlin, 1 Golden Plover and a pair of Stonechat were at the west end. A pair of Sparrowhawk were ambushing Starlings as they were coming in to roost infront of the Scott hide. A Peregrine was also seen today.

Belvide Fair SW 2

A noticable increase of 13 Dunlin were present with 250+ Golden Plover until a pesky imm male Peregrine came in and scattered the lot. A single Shelduck was a new arrival also a male Blackcap by the gazebo hide was new. A Song Thrush was in full song along the south east bay, the unseasonal mild weather no doubt triggering it off. Also there were 200+ Fieldfare along the boundry hedges.

Belvide Fair SW 3-4

The main item of news today was a moulting drake Red-breasted Merganser that dropped infront of the Bryant hide at 2.15pm, this only the 2nd record of the year following a female on the 2nd November. Also present were 386 Golden Plover and 2 Dunlin. Gadwall continue to rise with 73 counted.


Belvide Early Rain then Cloudy WSW 2

What happened to the gales that were supposed to lash our region today?? After the dissapointing outcome to the weather, the hoped for wind blown scarcety never happened. The best on offer was an adult male Merlin that was chasing Fieldfare at the west end. The Golden Plover flock has increased to 473 also Dunlin have increased to 5. There seems to have been a big clear out of Great Crested Grebe with 35 counted compared to 105 on Monday. The escaped Speckled Teal was again amongst 410 Teal, see photo below for those of you who wonder what it looks like. A female Goosander flew west this morning and an adult Yellow-legged Gull was in the gull roost.

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Belvide Fair W 3

An imm/fem Merlin flew south west at 1.45pm. Dunlin have increased to 4 also 281 Golden Plover. The male Speckled Teal was again amongst 377 Teal. 66 Goldeneye were counted at dusk also 91 Pochard. An  adult Yellow-legged Gull came in to roost and at  least 2 Stonechat again at the west end.

10 mile NNW of  Belvide at Norbury junction, a Red-rumped Swallow was found by Dave Talbot roosting at the British Waterways work unit. I managed to get there 5 minutes before it flew off at 9.50am. Whats the chance it carried on along the Shropshire Union Canal and flew over Belvide itself ? AGGGGHHH!!!!!

Belvide Fair W 2

2 adult Yellow-legged Gulls were in the roost this evening also an albino Black-headed Gull. 125 Golden Plover, 3 Dunlin and 3 Stonechat were all at the west end. 58 Goldeneye were counted at dusk and at least 25 Tree Sparrow were on the woodland feeding station.

Belvide Sunny SW 1-2

Wildfowl count day produced an escaped male Speckled Teal, 274 Teal, 114 Wigeon, 303 Mallard, 42 Gadwall, 17 Shoveler, 84 Pochard, 55 Tufted Duck, 79 Coot, 100 GC Grebe, 50 Goldeneye, 241 Canada Geese, 122 Greylag Goose, 2 Mute Swan and 16 Grey Heron. Also there were 3 Dunlin and 3 Stonechat at the west end.

Belvide Sunny SW 3-4

150 Golden Plover and 2 Dunlin were at the west end. An imm female Peregrine was terrorising the wildfowl this morning. At least 1 Stonechat was still on the north shore and the Teal with the Red saddle on the bill was still present. A late Chiffchaff was by the Bryant hide.

Belvide Cloudy SW 1-2

A single Black-tailed Godwit at the west end was a new arrival. The Golden Plover flock has increased to 357 and the 2 Dunlin remain. The male and female Stonechat were on the north shore this afternoon. 101 Wigeon and 350 Teal were counted also 16 Mute Swan was an increase. Sorry for no update yesterday but even I have to have a day off once in a while.

Belvide Cloudy W 2

There were 3 Dunlin and 114 Golden Plover at the west end, also the pair of Stonechat still. 4 Goosander dropped in for a short while. The woodland feeding station had at least 15 Tree Sparrow and a pair each of Willow and Marsh Tit. 84 Cormorant were present this morning.

Belvide Sunny W 3-4

I had just arrived at 9am to be greeted with MEGA alert on the pager, so I had to dash off to Dawlish in Devon to see a Long-billed Murrelet (photo). This species originates from the Pacific Ocean and is the first time it has ever been recorded in Britain. It is a true once in a life time bird on these shores. All that was of note in the log book was 200 Golden Plover and 16 Grey Heron.

Belvide Sunny SSW 1

An immature Merlin flew over to the south west at 4pm. A single Green Sandpiper was feeding along the dam also 64 Golden Plover and 831 Lapwing at the west end. A Little Owl was sunning itself in the usual willow tree south of the reservoir. A Raven flew over to the north and 43 Goldeneye were counted at dusk.

Belvide Sunny WNW 2

A quiet day with 2 Dunlin and 77 Golden Plover the highlight. The pair of Stonechat have moved into the west marsh. 14 Buzzard were in the air together mid afternoon. An immature male Peregrine was chasing a Golden Plover but was unsuccessful A pair of late Common Darter were by the west lane bridge also 3 Red Admiral were seen.

Belvide Sunny Calm

A skywatch off the dam between 0700-0900 produced 1123 Wood Pigeon, but not much else. Goldeneye have increased to 36 and 4 Goosander flew over to the south east early morning. 3 Water Rail were feding together near the ditch sluice to the east of the Scott hide early morning. There are now 3 Stonechat. The pair remain on the north shore with a new female infront of the Bryant hide.

Belvide Sunny N 2

An excellent afternoons birding with 2 new additions to the Belvide year list. Firstly 4 Whooper Swans including 3 adults and 1 immature. They were present until 5.10pm when they flew off to the south east. An immature/female Red Breasted Merganser flew in at 4.35pm and is the first record for 6 years! Also presnt today were 3 Dunlin, 2 Stonechat, 24 Goldeneye and 143 GC Grebe.

Belvide Sunny N 2-3

200 Fieldfare flew thru to the west and the first sizable flock this autumn.2 Dunlin and just 4 Golden Plover were at the west end. 140 GC Grebe, 76 Wigeon and 31 Shoveler were counted. The pair of Stonechat remain on the north shore and 2 Peregrine were seen this afternoon.


Belvide 31st October 2006 Sunny NW 4-5


Pretty quiet today with 22 Goldeneye and 122 Greylag Geese.


Belvide 30th October 2006 Sunny W 2-3


Another 1st winter Kittiwake was in the gull roost this evening. 248 Golden Plover and a single Dunlin were at the west end. Pochard continue to increase with 147 counted also the pair of Stonechat on the north shore.