Poole Harbour – small waders

A fine sunny day with a brisk cold north easterly wind. The tide was high and a selection of small waders were standing around on the concrete groynes.

Ringed Plovers.

Sanderlings and Ringed Plovers.

Disturbed by a pair of approaching anglers

they settle on the adjacent groyne.

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Poole Harbour – Sandbanks Ferry – Purple Sandpipers

Overcast and drizzly conditions prevailed making photography difficult, but down by the ferry a group of five Purple Sandpipers compensated for this by almost running into the camera lens.

Purple Sandpipers.

Close enough to see the eye lashes.

The wash from a passing boat provides a few waves.

A fat one.

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Poole Harbour – Brands Bay

A few more birds are trickling into the harbour, today there was small gaggle of Common Scoters near the houseboats. The usual flock of Ringed Plovers was also there with three Sanderlings mixed in.

Turnstones resting on a boat waiting for the tide to fall.

Turnstones in flight.

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Hartland Moor – Waxcaps

Generally a poor year for fungi in the wood. However a good selection of waxcaps are growing on the grassland and meadows surrounding the moor.

Blackening Waxcap.

Butter Waxcap.

Ivory Waxcap.

Parrot Waxcap.

Vermillion Waxcap.

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Middlebere – Sikka Deer crossing

On an otherwise quiet day at Middlebere it was interesting to watch a stag Sikka deer take a shortcut right across the channel in front of Avocet Hide.

On his way.

The tricky bit.

Nearly there.

Phew, made it.

Not bothered by the deer a line of Avocets.

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