Poole Park – Goldeneye

Not much about in the harbor so far this winter, particularly a lack of the usual diver species. On the boating lake a group of Goldeneye and a single Red-breasted Merganser were fishing for crabs.


Red-breasted Merganser.

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Poole Harbour – Bar-tailed Godwits

On an early morning visit to Shore Road the tide was high and had pushed the waders right up to the edge of the road. Good views of Brents, Turnstones and Bar-tailed Godwits (including a single summer plumaged bird).

The summer plumaged bird catches the eye.
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Upton Country Park – Fungi

It has been a bit blowy recently, good for the windsurfers tricky for the bird photography. However there are still a few winter fungi about and the earthstars were an unusual find.

A windy view of Old Harry from Sandbanks.

Secreted away amongst the leaf litter some Collared Earth Stars.

Velvet Shanks.

Candle Snuff Fungus.

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