Morden Bog – Redstart

The heathland birds (Woodlark,Hobby,Dartfords) have been noticeably busy collecting food for their families in the last couple of weeks. Some like the Crossbills and Stonechats have already fledged and formed into family groups.


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Ballard Down – Adonis Blues

The recent run of fine weather has done wonders for the butterflies and flowers on the downs. It also seems to have given the Adonis blues a bit of a thirst as they were having a communal sip in the stream by the parking area.


Adonis Blues.
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Spring flowers

A good start to the season, plenty of warm weather and sunshine. The elusive Herb Paris finally located at Batcombe thanks to directions supplied by a very knowledgeable man we met on the reserve.

Bugle and a Pearl Bordered Fritillary at Pignall.

Fly Orchid at Batcombe.

Herb Paris at Batcombe.

Twayblade at Batcombe.

Moschatel at Kings wood.

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Keyhaven – Lagoons

Another good hot sweltering day. After checking out Pignall Enclosure to see if the Pearl Bordered Fritillaries were on the wing (they were), it was on to Keyhaven marshes and lagoons.

Little Tern.

Common Terns.

Turnstones and a Little Ringed Plover.

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