Middlebere – Marsh Harrier

A rather gloomy overcast day, though very warm at times. A pair of Marsh Harriers appear to have settled in at Middlebere and are giving the local birds a lot of grief. (photos are of the female)

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Bournemouth Bay – Gilbert the whale

A small entry for a small whale (Northern Bottlenosed) that has been loitering just offshore from Durley Chine most of the week. He seems quite healthy so hopefully will swim off in a day or two.
(a sad footnote: dead whale washed ashore on the 21st)

Wheres Gilbert ?
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Middlebere – Sleeping Osprey

Weather fine and sunny with a good breeze from the north east. The swallows and martins (House and Sand) were gathering in their thousands around the harbour ready for the trip south. The Middlebere Osprey was showing no such inclination.

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