Poole Harbour – more winter birds.

The weather has been reasonable this weekend, what little ice that remains has thawed. Most (but not all) of the birds driven south by the snow are starting to head back north.

Two Red Crested Pochards on the Little Sea.

A Kingfisher at Middlebere put on a good show for most of the day.

Marsh Harrier putting up the Avocets.

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Winter influx of Fieldfares

The rest of the country appears to be locked in snow and ice, but here in the Poole area we have got away lightly. The only noticeable difference from any other year is the larger number of Fieldfares in the gardens.

and a female Blackcap.

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New Year – Middlebere

Most of the harbour birds appeared to be at Middlebere putting on a fine spectacle. The initial flock of Avocets and Lapwings was soon supplemented by a large wing of Brent geese.

A few of the several hundred Avocets.

More Brents on the way.

The whole lot disturbed by a Buzzard.

A few of the supporting cast…

Hen Harrier.




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