Morden Bog – Cuckoo mischief

A very active pair of cuckoos are working over the Meadow Pipit nests on the heath. The female’s bubbling chuckle is a dead giveaway that she is up to no good.

All over and done in a blur.

Not one but two Dartford Warblers.

A curious Nuthatch.
Stonechat (male).
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Longham Lakes – House Martins…

Very hot now, even too hot you might say. A quick loop round the lakes was very productive once in the morning and once in the evening. The only bird that got away was a Little Gull that stayed out in the centre of the big lake.

House Martins in flight (just).

Mud for the nest.
Reed Warbler.
Reed Bunting.
Little Gull (juvenile).
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Ballard Down – Adonis Blues and Osprey.

An odd day, first forgeting the macro lens for the butterflies and then while practising in flight shots on the House Martins, a large slow House Martin turned into an Osprey. The Adonis blue pictures were not too shabby either. Oh and the weather was perfect.

Hard to photograph in flight.
Much easier.
Hopefully heading for Arne.

Adonis blues imbibing by the leaky watering trough.

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On the coast – Durlston

Phew, suddenly it has got very hot , real summer weather. A few Early Spider orchids are lingering  on with the Green-veined and Early Purple orchids. The butterflies are out in force on the downs. 

Common Blue.

Dingy Skipper.

Small Blue.

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