Morden Bog – Spotted Flycatchers

Missing from the reserve this year are the Common Redstarts and until now the Spotted Flycatchers. The Flycatchers are in the trees by the ruined cottage, the same area the Redstarts used to reside in.

Morden bog – the decoy pond.


Red legged partridge.

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Morden Bog pm – Cuckoo fest

At the moment Morden bog is packed full of cuckoos, it seemed as if every other tree I looked in had one or two cuckoos in it. Obviously a lot of this years brood are starting to fledge. The other point of interest is that a passing Osprey appeared to drift down towards the traditional lakeside roosting point.

A cuckooing cuckoo.

Juvenile being followed by mum (or dad).

and again ( with a passing Swallow )



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Morden – Silver-washed Fritillary

The hot dry weather is certainly doing wonders for the butterflies and other insects. The Silver Studded Blues are on the wing out on the heath and it was a first ever sighting of a Silver-washed Fritillary by the lake.

Silver-studded Blue.
Silver-washed Fritillary.

Gold-ringed dragonfly.
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On the Heaths – Cuckoos and Woodlarks.

The run of good weather recently has kept the insect population high on the heaths. The Woodlark families have fledged and are seen feeding along the sandy tracks. The Cuckoos, male and female are still calling constantly.


Green Woodpecker.

Woodlark feeding chick.


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