Winter bites – Hoopoe and Harriers

Although its still technically autumn the winter weather has swept in hard throughout the country. In Poole we have got away very lightly with just a fine dusting of snow.
Like last year the cold conditions will push some unusual birds south to us like Smew, Shrike and Waxwings but nobody was expecting a a Hoopoe.

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Middlebere – Teal breakfast

A cracking frosty and sunny morning, no sign of any Shrikes at Morden so I drifted down to Middlebere. A good show of waders mainly Godwits (1611 as counted by Jol), Hen Harrier and a Yellow legged gull having Teal for breakfast.

1611 Black-tailed Godwits and 1 Hen Harrier.

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Poole Harbour birds

Suddenly it has become very cold with a biting northerly wind blowing from the arctic. On the plus side the clouds have blown away so at least its sunny and cold.

Hen Harrier at Middlebere.

Great Grey Shrike at Arne.

Grey Plover and Dunlins on the WW2 tank traps.

Marsh Harrier at Middlebere.

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Arne – Great Grey Shrike

Its a bumper year for Great Grey Shrikes and now another one has been observed on Coombe Heath, part of the Arne RSPB reserve.  Unlike the one at Morden this one has a noticeably incomplete black eye mask which does not reach the bill.

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Studland beach: Red-throated Diver.

Despite the weathermans forcast of a sunny day it was just very gloomy. A patch of blue sky lingered on the horizon but never quite made it down to the coast.

Red-throated diver.

Dunlin and Turnstone.
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