Recently I have been watching the Hen Harriers from the Arne hide, as it is positioned fairly high up and you can see much more of their hunting patterns. But if you want good photos then Middlebere is still the best hide (although very cold).

From Arne:-

From Middlebere:-

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  1. Anonymous says:

    hen harrier
    hello ,love the photos & the blog.

    was thinking about driving up from exeter in 2 weeks to try & get some photos of the male hen harrier & was just wondering if you think he will still be around & any other useful info as to best areas to see him & get some photos ??

    thank you for any help

    martin cox

  2. Hottenot says:

    Untitled Comment
    Hello Martin

    The Hen Harriers will be around into March and Middlebere is the best place to see them. You can contact me via email (click on Profile and look under my picture on the right) if you would like some directions.

  3. Anonymous says:

    dorset birds
    Your photos are quite excellent and I log on every week, being a birder in the same area. Thank you. May I ask what equipment you use?

    Best wishes

    Richard Dixon


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