Longham Lakes – Little Gull

A good blow at the lakes today with a strong south westerly wind and the threat of a shower. Hundreds of swifts, martins and swallows scooping low over the lakes.


Sand Martins.

Little Gull.

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Morden Bog – Woodlark

Not so much a bog at the moment but a slightly damp in places heath. The long run of dry weather is having a drastic effect on the bog. The Woodlarks have done particularly well this year with some birds already preparing for a second clutch. The Stonechats have also done really well and the Redstarts and Spotted Flycatchers are now settled in around the cottage.

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Morden Bog – Bits and bobs

Very low water levels on the bog at the moment, the recent rains have hardly made any impression. A Redstart and several Spotted Flycatchers were flitting around the ruined cottages, hard to say if they were just passing through or settling in for the summer.


Spotted Flycatcher.

Raft Spider.

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Portland – Red-backed Shrike.

Another sunny warm day after heavy overnight rains, which might have persuaded the RB Shrike to linger on Portland a little longer. A lovely little bird much smaller than I expected.

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Poole Harbour – a walk along Studland beach

A really bright sunny day  with a brisk easterly wind. A few stragglers from the recent mass movement of Barwits were splashing through the surf on a unusually deserted Studland beach.


Sandwich tern.


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