Laughing Gull at Reading

As it was only a short distance away, I thought I had better take a look at the Laughing Gull at Reading.  It had been visiting a busy retail park for about 3 months and was now coming into breeding plumage.  When I arrived there were about ten birders waiting and it had not been seen for 3 hours.  Fortunately after about 3/4 hour it suddenly appeared on a lampost right next to the local MacDonalds, as it usually does.  I grabbed my camera gear and managed a few shots before it few off.


White-rumped Sandpiper

I thought I should make the effort to see the White-rumped Sandpiper that had been at Radley GPs near Oxford for a week.  The bird was easily viewable but a little distant for digi-scoping and the chain link fence that was in the way did not help!


The White-rumped is the centre bird above and the right hand bird below.  It was slightly smaller than the three Dunlin with it.  Note the pale edging to the feathers on the upperparts.






Red-backed Shrike in Bucks

I managed to catch up with the Red-backed Shrike near Astwood, North Bucks on Friday 23rd September.  This was on-route to the Bucks Bird Club weekend at Gibraltar Point in Lincolnshire.  It had been present since the previous Monday and was not seen after 23rd.  It was the first Bucks record in over 30 years!






Birding + Butterflies in the Spanish Pyrenees – June/July 2005

A few photos from a touring holiday in the Spannish Pyrenees.

Camera is a Nikon Coolpix 995.  This was attached to an Optolyth TBS80 telescope for the bird photos.


This Serin was seen near the Yesa Reservoir between Plamplona and Jaca


Spotless Starling seen from our hotel at Sos Del Rey Catilico


Juvenile Griffon Vultures on a nesting ledge in the Lumbier Gorge area.  This species was very common particularly in and around the gorges where there are plenty of nest sites.


A Melodious Warbler near Uncastillio. 


A juvenile Water Pipit high in the mountains near Beret.


Swallowtail Butterfly seen on Lilac bush at Sos Del Rey Catlico


Hummingbird Hawkmoth – Also seen at Sos Del Rey Catilico



Cleopatra (female)



Spanish Gatekeeper



Common Grayling



Marbled White (Spanish subspecies)



Small Skipper



Dark Green Fritillary below also



Gavarnie Ringlet  –  Seen at Gabardito


Gavarnie Ringlet