Spotted Redshank with Greenshank Bonus

After the Hayling Glaucous, Mark had to get into work. Fortunately I was not required till the afternoon. With time to spare, I drove the short distance over to Emsworth to check on the Spotted Redshank. Many thanks to Brian Fellows, one of the HOS members who reported that the bird was seen yesterday in company with an equally confiding Greenshank. This proved to be the case today.Spotted Redshank and Greenshank, Nore Barn, Emsworth, 24 Feb 2009

Both birds stayed in close proximity of one another for the hour or so I was at the site. Usually the Greenshank tended to follow the Spotshank but occasionally the roles were reversed.Spotted Redshank, Nore Barn, Emsworth, 24 Feb 2009Greenshank, Nore Barn, Emsworth, 24 Feb 2009As usual the site had its daily dog walkers. I counted 11 during the time I was there. Several dogs went into the water and the Spotted Redshank showed no alarm whatsoever. The Greenshank did seem a little more tentative but appeared to take its que from the Spotshank and remained alert but carried on feeding.Only when the mudhound below careered through the scene did the birds flush. The dog moved on and the birds were back feeding in the stream within a minute.Many of the people strolling through the area including the dog walkers had noticed the birds over the last few days, and stopped to chat. A few asked me if it was a male and female of the same species.I think several left thinking I was spinning them a line, when I told them the birds were not related, as they were convinced the birds were an item as they followed each other around.Spotted Redshank and Greenshank, Nore Barn, Emsworth, 24 Feb 2009Apologies for the number of images but I could not leave any of them out.Steve Copsey

4 thoughts on “Spotted Redshank with Greenshank Bonus

  1. Greenshank Photo
    Hi Steve

    I particularly like the photograph that shows the Greenshank's back and rear end. An unconventional shot that shows the subtle detail of the bird's plumage.

    More of the same please shippers!

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