HMS Liverpool sails into the Arctic Circle: Glaucous Gulls and Little Auks

With the ship entering the Arctic Circle Slasher and I managed a good few hours birding at Breakfast, lunch and secure.  As with yesterday Fulmars were the most common species with around 800 birds seen.  Kittiwakes trailed in a distant second with around twenty individuals. However the highlights of the day were provided by at least six Glaucous Gulls and around 70 Little Auks. The first Glaucous was seen just after breakfast.  We picked it up at distance and watched it approach the ship where it proceeded to harangue a Greater Black-backed Gull for some morsel it was feeding on.  All the Gulls seen were first winter except one adult at distance.

Glaucous Gull, North Atlantic - 8 Mar 12

Over the lunch hour we had numerous Little Auks and Puffins passing mainly to the east in front of the ship.  Most were very distant but I managed a few record shots to confirm id.  Hopefully as we close in on land before our arrival in Norway we should
pick up more birds at a more manageable range.

Little Auk, North Atlantic - 8 Mar 12

Little Auk, North Atlantic - 8 Mar 12

Steve Copsey and Mark C

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