Trying to survey birds in the snow.

A nice full day in the field, attempting to prepare for the STOC-EPS bird survey, but being a little beaten back by the snow. Here is a summary of the highlights.

Red Kite – Several seen, including a displaying pair.

Black Kite – a good few, including a group of 12 heading north between Osse and Nancray.

ROUGH-LEGGED BUZZARD – one flew over at Glamondans – a long-awaited lifer.

Collared Dove – 8 at Glamondans.

Black Redstart – Back in reasonable numbers in suitable habitat, seen at La Vèze and around Glamondans.

Stonechat – A male and 3 females at La Vèze, 2 males and 3 females near Glamondans

Wallcreeper – A window tick! One on the building opposite as I had a fag out the window this morning!

Tree Sparrow – Plenty at Glamondans.

Hawfinch – 2 and a single at La Vèze, 150 flew over Glamondans.

Brambling – A male at la Vèze, a female at Glamondans,  5 between Osse and Nancray.

Yellowhammer – At least 4 males at Glamondans.

Tree Sparrows at Glamondans.

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