Exhibition at the Mondy nature school, France

I was pleased to expose at the “Mondy nature school”, http://www.mondy.fr a school and highschool where the futur nature workers and managers studie.
Among photographers, a movie maker and an other bird drawer. I was very impressed by the work of Yoann Peyrard, a bat photographer who make amazing pictures !
Many thanks to Benjamin and Olivier Benoit-Gonin to received us so nicely and for this wonderfull two days.

Below, 2 Italian Wolves, the wild species you can find in the french Alps.

7 families card set

I received a card game of wich I draw the figures, birds and mammals from different landscapes (mountains, seashore, etc…) I made about 40 animal illustrations for it and you can see some on this blog or on my website www.emmanuelcappe.net.

Another exhibition of wildlife art

I present a new exhibition of my last paintings, drawings and illustrations at the "Nature House" (Maison de la Nature et de l’Environnement, in french) in Grenoble France . I’m glad to present my work beside of another professional illustrator like me, Alexis Nouhailat and amateur drawers of our association of bird and wildlife protection : Ligue pour la Protection des Oiseaux, Birdlife in France.

Citril Finch

A sketch of a Citril Finch I done last summer close to my home. It’s for a next painting, for a serie of birds and animals (mammals, insects, butterflies, etc…) of the mountains. You’ll can see them on this blog when they will be published…

Song Thrush sketch

I made this thrush sketch (um, it’s hard to say more even for a french!) last week. This day, there were a lot of snow here and this bird was probably attracted by the tree’s reflects on the windows (the outside was very bright and the inside of my house dark, so I suppose that the windows were like mirrors…)
The raptors shapes on the windows aparently didn’t worked !
It’s a first winter bird.