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Published by on February 19, 2003 courtesy of Proact, surfbirds archive

“In the past ten years the unique and inimitable natural beauty of our small homeland, the Tunkinsky valley, has been subject to extremely harmful human impact – fires, forest clearances and the drainage of the Koimorsky marsh. The creation of the National Park within the Tunkinksy region has hardly weakened man’s influence on the fragile and vulnerable nature of the Tunkinsky region. And now a new disaster threatens: there are plans to lay a gas pipeline through the Tunkinsky valley in order to pump gas to China and other countries.” [A conservationist in Buryatia]
The territory of the Park is covered with so-called taiga – primeval cedar-tree forest. There are 200 mineral water springs in the park.
Rare, protected species in the Park include Snow Leopard Uncia uncia, Siberian Ibex Capra sibirica, Black Stork Ciconia nigra, Bean Goose Anser fabalis, Golden Eagle Aquila chrysaetos, White-tailed Eagle Haliaeetus albicilla and other rare fauna.
Russian Ecologists stress that the future not only of Tunkinskaya Hollow is at stake; but also conservation per se in the Russian Federation.
Help Russian and local conservationists in their battle against the pipeline. The next major deadline is 1 April 2003. You can join others in protesting to the President of Buryatia in whose country the park lies.
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