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Threatened Listing Good News for Western Yellow-billed Cuckoo

American Bird Conservancy (ABC) applauds the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) decision to list the western population of the Yellow-billed Cuckoo as a threatened species under the Endangered Species Act. Continue reading

Leading National Bird Group Challenges Army Corps Plan to Kill 16,000 Birds

American Bird Conservancy (ABC), a leading national bird conservation organization, has raised multiple objections to assertions by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers in their proposal to kill 16,000 cormorant birds on East Sand Island (ESI), in the Columbia River Estuary, as part of a plan to reduce predation of juvenile salmonids including salmon smolt by the birds. Continue reading

Federally Protected Birds at Risk from Expansion of Wind Development Near Lake Michigan

Two bird species federally listed as endangered, the Piping Plover and Kirtland’s Warbler, as well as many other federally protected birds are at risk from the proposed expansion of Heritage Sustainable Energy’s (HSE) Garden Peninsula Wind Energy Project near Lake Michigan, according to American Bird Conservancy (ABC). Continue reading

Hunting Seasons Starting Soon: Hunters Urged to Stock up on Non-Lead Bullets/Shot

American Bird Conservancy (ABC), a leading bird conservation organization, today urged hunters who are beginning to plan for the many different fall and winter hunting seasons—some of which start in September—to protect the environment and non-target wildlife by voluntarily switching to non-lead ammunition. Continue reading

Review of 30-Year Eagle Take Rule Prompts Call for New Approach to Managing Wind Industry

As the final of five public scoping meetings held by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) in connection with its recent 30-year eagle take rule takes place today, a leading bird conservation organization is calling for major changes in how the industry sites and operates its facilities. Continue reading

Hurricanes Present Another Threat to Birds Before and During Fall Migration

Hurricanes Iselle, Julio, and Arthur are the first of what likely will be more powerful late summer and early fall severe storms that billions of birds may face as they wind up their breeding seasons and prepare for perilous migrations that can involve travelling thousands of miles to wintering grounds south of the U.S. Continue reading

Leading National Bird Organization Calls for NFL Commitment to Reduce Bird Mortality at New Vikings Stadium

American Bird Conservancy (ABC), one of the nation’s leading bird conservation organizations, has asked National Football League (NFL) officials in Washington, D.C., to modify plans for the soon-to-be-built Minnesota Vikings Stadium in Minneapolis, which features expanses of glass expected to kill thousands of birds over time. Continue reading

Declining Warbler, 300+ Other Birds to Benefit from Ecuador Land Protection

The Cerulean Warbler—one of the Americas’ fastest-declining migratory birds—now has more protected wintering habitat in Ecuador, thanks to a cooperative effort by Fundación Jocotoco, American Bird Conservancy, March Conservation Fund, and World Land Trust that safeguards rain forest at elevations preferred by the species. Continue reading

Online Toolkit Facilitates Improved Sustainability for Nature Reserves

An online toolkit designed to improve sustainability for bird and other nature reserves is now available at no cost, following a development process led by American Bird Conservancy (ABC). Continue reading

Summer Months Critical for Birds: Ten Things You Can Do to Help as Temperatures Climb

As the busy July 4th weekend approaches, billions of birds in North America are carrying out a host of activities related to raising their young and preparing for migration—and there are many simple things the nation’s 45 million birdwatchers can do to help our birds in those life-sustaining tasks. Continue reading