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Europe urged to do more to tackle threatened African wildlife

Conservationists are welcoming the launch of a new European plan to help protect wildlife in Africa. Continue reading

Balkan Lynx added to the IUCN list as Critically Endangered

The IUCN Red List has added the Balkan Lynx to its Red List as a Critically Endangered subspecies of the Eurasian Lynx. This is a very real confirmation that the Balkan Lynx requires urgent and coordinated conservation actions in order to increase its population in the wild. Continue reading

The Messengers – what birds tell us about the threats from climate change

Birds are among the best studied species in the world, making them great messengers for the effects of climate change. Continue reading

Record breeding success for Critically Endangered Northern Bald Ibis

The Northern Bald Ibis Geronticus eremita has had an eventful and turbulent relationship with humans that has resulted in a graph of its population decline that matches its iconic red down-curved beak. Continue reading

The verdict is in: Europe’s nature laws are fit for purpose

The first findings are out from the European Commission’s review of key European nature laws – and it says they deliver far more benefits than they cost. Continue reading

Birds are the neglected victims of global warming, says new RSPB report

Climate change is one of the greatest long-term threats to nature and wildlife. Continue reading

What makes birdwatchers want to monitor species in an ISIS warzone?

Ceylanpınar, located in the Urfa (or Şanlıurfa) province of Turkey, is next to the Syrian border. As a result, it has felt the effects of the ongoing civil war in Syria and skirmishes between the YPG (the Kurdish People’s Protection Units) and ISIS. Continue reading

New agreement for the conservation of South Korea’s top coastal wetland

BirdLife International and the Government of Seocheon County have signed a new Memorandum of Understanding on the conservation of the Geum Estuary in the Republic of Korea. Continue reading

Fatu Hiva Monarch on the brink of extinction

The Fatu Hiva Monarch is not as well-known as its cousin, the Tahiti Monarch, but i’s existence is even more threatened.  It lives on Fatu Hiva, a remote island which is part of the Marquesas Archipelago, 1500 km from Tahiti.  Continue reading

The return of a giant: Green-winged Macaw back in Argentina

After an almost two hundred-year disappearance, the first Green-winged macaws have been released in northeastern Argentina. BirdLife Partner Aves Argentinas describes how they brought this giant of the parrot world back into their former range. Continue reading