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Bay of Panama saved from destruction

“There’s no way we would have been able to get to that day by ourselves…” writes Rosabel Miró, Executive Director of Panama Audubon Society in an emotional written message to the rest of the BirdLife Partnership. Continue reading

Conservation plug-in charges efforts to save West Africa’s seabirds

Efforts to save West Africa’s disappearing seabirds are to be given a boost thanks to an ambitious monitoring initiative which will help identify and protect the areas in which they forage and overwinter. Continue reading

BirdLife Partners working across the Mediterranean to protect seabirds

Seabird and marine conservation experts are gathering this week in Hammamet, Tunisia to discuss the current knowledge of seabirds and the key threats they are facing. Continue reading

Libya’s civil society celebrates its wetland wildlife and looks to the future

World Wetlands Day 2015 was celebrated in Maitiga marsh in Tripoli, with the Libyan Society for Birds (LSB) and the Environment General Authority (EGA) of Libya. This worldwide event is held annually on 2 February to raise the awareness and understanding of the importance of wetland ecosystems. Continue reading

Everyone’s agreed: a new grip on handling hunting in Lebanon

Hunting has deep cultural roots in the Middle East, and Lebanon is no exception. Uncontrolled hunting is the largest threat to migratory birds in Lebanon and is undermining all conservation efforts for many globally threatened and vulnerable species. Continue reading

From the Atlantic to the Mediterranean, turtle conservation overcoming similar challenges

The Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund (CEPF) is funding three projects that are protecting Endangered loggerhead sea turtles. Continue reading

Asian songbird migrants in trouble

Migratory songbirds in East Asia are in trouble, according to new research. The study calls for national action and international cooperation to deal with threats, as well as more monitoring and research to help understand and protect this unique migration system. Continue reading

Massive boost for BirdLife’s Marine work

BirdLife’s Marine Programme has a received a huge boost from the world’s largest event for nature. Continue reading

We want you to Spring Alive for birds this year

Make your garden or balcony bird-friendly with Spring Alive Continue reading

Growing network is helping Montenegrin migrants

The BirdLife Partnership is building a growing network of people and organisations who are working together to look after migrant birds in the Mediterranean. Continue reading