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BirdLife Partners join forces against illegal bird killing in the Mediterranean

For migratory birds, illegal killing is an additional threat to their already dangerous and challenging journey. Continue reading

Ibis gets royal visit

HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco recently visited Souss Massa National Park, Morocco, home to the largest remaining wild population of Northern Bald Ibis. Continue reading

Commercial development threatens Ulcinj Salinas in Montenegro

For the past two years CZIP (Birdlife in Montenegro) has been fighting a battle against the conversion of Ulcinj Salinas into a tourist-development complex. Continue reading

Local Communities oppose renewed Natron soda ash exploration

Over 18,000 residents of Engaruka area of Lake Natron, Tanzania, are up in arms against a government plan to build a soda ash factory in the area. Over the past one year, the National Development Corporation (NDC) has been carrying out intensive exploration of soda ash deposits to complement those at Lake Natron. Continue reading

Coffee and conservation project launches in Puerto Rico

Cafiesencia, an NGO based in Maricao, Puerto Rico, has launched a project aimed at coffee growers and others living and working in and around the forests of the Maricao and Susúa Important Bird and Biodiversity Area (IBA). The CAFEiCANTO project provides them with training in sustainable agriculture, shade-grown coffee, water conservation and bird monitoring and reporting. Continue reading

Flyways race is raising vital funds for migrant birds

Fourteen teams of adrenalin charged birders will step boldly into the Israeli night at midnight on 31 March, as they cross the start line of a unique, new, bird race. Continue reading

Vulture killing drug now available on EU market

Diclofenac is a powerful anti-inflammatory drug that has wiped out vulture populations in India, Pakistan and Nepal. Now, a repeat of this ecological disaster is threatening Europe. Continue reading

Tahiti Monarch conservation wins first BirdLife People’s Choice Award as new threats emerge

Results revealed today show that Manu (Société d’Ornithologie de Polynésie: BirdLife in French Polynesia) has won a public vote to become the first BirdLife People’s Choice Award. However, celebrations were short-lived as new threats from invasive species and heavy rain threaten the last 10 breeding pairs in the world. Continue reading

The science of saving nature

BirdLife’s UK Partner, the RSPB, is launching a new initiative, the RSPB Centre for Conservation Science  – which includes an online science hub – dedicated to discovering solutions to 21st century conservation problems, reinforcing the BirdLife Partnership as a world leader in conservation. Continue reading

Government of São Tomé e Príncipe unveils conservation plans for saving some of the most threatened birds in Africa

The Director of Environment, Mr. Arlindo E Carvalho, on Monday 17 February 2014 launched the São Tomé e Príncipe International Species Action Plans for Critically Endangered bird species in the country. Continue reading