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The Endangered Treasure of Ulcinj – documentary

These man-made salt works became a bird haven, but now the threatened birds and salt workers share the same destiny. Watch the thought-provoking documentary Continue reading

Tracking jaguars in Paraguay’s hot, dry Chaco Plains

It’s hot, dry and largely uninhabited by humans. But although the Chaco Plains of south-central South America may not be an ideal habitat for our species, this sprawling region is far from deserted. Indeed, the Chaco Plains’ savannahs and tropical forests are something of a biodiversity hotspot, sheltering a wide range of mammals – from jaguars and cougars to anteaters to armadillos. Continue reading

2017 brings hope for Pacific birds

A new year always brings new hope – but 2017 is a big one for conservation in the Pacific.  The last big leap forward in 2015 was the restoration of the islands of Acteon and Gambier in French Polynesia. In 2017 we are on the countdown for the next big step forward, the restoration of up to 18 islands of the Marquesas and at Rapa, again in French Polynesia. Continue reading

This man has just broken the record for most bird species seen in a year

Interview: Arjan Dwarshuis has just broken the world record for the number of bird species spotted in a single year. And he is doing it to raise money for BirdLife.
Continue reading

A tern for the better

Asia’s rarest seabird has been discovered breeding in the Korean Peninsula. This new stronghold could help the Chinese Crested Tern bounce back from near-extinction. Continue reading

Cryptic by name, cryptic by nature

The Cryptic Treehunter is so elusive, researchers are not even sure it still exists anymore. The name reflects its enigmatic nature, but the reasons why its habitat is vanishing are somewhat more glaring. Continue reading

Saving the vultures of Saudi Arabia

An overview of the vulture species that nest in Saudi Arabia, the threats they are facing and what BirdLife is doing to help them. Continue reading

Learning from the Experts – talking to traditional harvesters of Collared Petrels in Tanna, Vanuatu.

Vanuatu is a hot spot for nature conservation in the Pacific. It is the home to 9 globally endangered bird species and 9 endemic species. Eight important bird and biodiversity areas have been identified by BirdLife, part of a suite of 27 Key Biodiversity Areas in country. Like most Pacific communities, the biggest challenges for the unique nature of Vanuatu are introduced predators and unsustainable land use, including some traditional farming (gardens), forestry and mining. Continue reading

6 things you might have missed from the 2016 Red List

Tales of parrots in peril and giraffes in jeopardy dominated the headlines when the 2016 edition of the Red List was published last week. Continue reading

Protecting the penguins of Patagonia

“It is with some consternation that seabird biologists return to colonies they haven’t visited for many years. The hand of man has seen many colonies around the world dwindle or even vanish.” Fortunately, for some species a little conservation goes a long way. Continue reading