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Rovio’s Angry Birds team up with BirdLife to fight bird extinction

The famous Angry Birds team up with BirdLife International in a unique campaign to protect real-life birds in the South Pacific. Like their counterparts in the game, Pacific birds are threatened by introduced predators eating their eggs and so pushing them to the verge of extinction. Continue reading

Future oil production sites threaten seabirds off the shore of Senegal

A three day meeting began on 17 February 2015 of the Experts Panel at the Abidjan Convention on Marine Environmental Standards for Offshore Oil and Gas Development. Continue reading

First steps towards an Asian land bird monitoring programme

Question: How do we know that many bird species are declining? Continue reading

Malta misses a chance to end spring hunting of birds

On Saturday 11th April, Maltese citizens lost the opportunity to put an end to the controversial spring hunting of birds in their country during a national referendum. A decision that will have consequences for bird conservation across Europe and beyond. Continue reading

New research for saving species on tropical islands as we prepare for big operation

Importance of tropical island restoration recognised by international scientific journal as we prepare for the biggest ever operation to save birds from extinction in French Polynesia Continue reading

Cyprus is the big winner of international bird race

The second Champions of the Flyway Bird Race took place in southern Israel on March 25th and after an amazingly tense and exhilarating 24 hour race the winners were announced at a spectacular awards ceremony held at the Eilat Hilton and attended by Mr Amir Halevi, General Director of the Israel Ministry of Tourism. Continue reading

Pollinating birds and mammals declining, reveals first global assessment of trends in the status of pollinators

According to a new study by BirdLife, IUCN and others, the conservation status of pollinating bird and mammal species is deteriorating, with more species moving towards extinction than away from it. Continue reading

Another killing season in Cyprus?

If what was seen during the 2014 autumn in Cyprus is any indication, most birds passing through will have little chance against the 16 km of mist nets and more than 6,000 limesticks they could face. Continue reading

The Balkans bird mafia

“Resting on one knee, the hunter poses for the camera, his kill laid out in front of him in rows of 20… Before the end of the day, they will be skinned, packed and frozen in preparation for smuggling over land into Italy. Within 48 hours, many will have already been sold on the black market to Italian restaurants who offer them up as traditional Italian fare”. Continue reading

Namibia on-board with BirdLife to end seabird bycatch in world’s worst fishery

“Namibia stands at the threshold of moving, in very short time, from being the worst country in the world for seabird bycatch, to the very best”, said Oliver Yates, BirdLife International’s Global Albatross Task Force Coordinator.” Continue reading