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The EU is developing an all-round strategy to protect African wildlife

Back in 2013, BirdLife International published State of Africa’s Birds, the first ever Africa-wide assessment of the threats facing birds in Africa. It found that a shocking 16% of African birds are globally threatened or near threatened, such as the Critically Endangered Taita Apalis and all eight species of African Vultures. Continue reading

Gran Sol may have ‘plenty of fish in the sea’, but its seabirds are declining

Seabirds are among the most threatened groups of birds in the world. Seabird bycatch (the accidental killing of birds as they are caught during fishing) is regarded as one of the major threats for many seabird species, particularly petrels, albatrosses and shearwaters. Investigating the phenomenon and finding solutions is one of BirdLife International’s priorities. Continue reading

The Wadden Sea is in danger, says first-ever migration report of whole East Atlantic Flyway

The Wadden Sea in Europe is a vast coastal wetland comprising tidal flats, islands, salt marshes and other habitats. It stretches over 450 km along the North Sea coast of the Netherlands, Germany and Denmark and at almost 10,000 square kilometres, it is one of the largest wetlands in the world. Continue reading

EU admits failing its own targets for protecting nature

The mid-term review of the EU’s Biodiversity Strategy to 2020 has today been published by the European Commission – and it shows only limited progress has been made on many of the key targets set at the start of this decade, with a complete failure to address unsustainable agriculture. Continue reading

Disappearance of Fisheries Observer from Vessel in the Pacific Ocean

Since 10 September, Keith Davis, an American fisheries observer, has been missing from a Panamanian-flagged vessel off the coast of Peru. Continue reading

Tentative first steps for forest restoration in the Caribbean

The rapid deforestation of a Dominican Republic National Park is finally receiving the attention it deserves from the country’s authorities and civil society, thanks to a project which is addressing the root causes of its destruction. Continue reading

Partners come together to save unique wetland

A new joint project between two BirdLife Partners aims to protect a unique protected area in Western Madagascar. Continue reading

New report shows one-third of South African IBAs are in imminent danger

One-third of the 112 Important Bird and Biodiversity Areas (IBAs) of South Africa are facing imminent danger of irreversible damage, according to a new report published today by BirdLife South Africa. Continue reading

The migration of soaring birds of prey explained

Birds of prey, commonly called raptors, have been persecuted for hundreds of years in Europe and other parts of the world, usually as suspected predators of gamebirds. But these species – which include birds like buzzards, eagles, falcons and vultures – are actually an important way to check the health of our ecosystem (they are often called ‘indicator species’) and keep things in balance. Continue reading

Storks – counted and supported by local volunteers!

The best-known and most iconic migratory bird in Macedonia is the stork. Which is why we were excited to conduct a national census as part of our Mediterranean Flyways project – we knew that this would be very important scientifically but it would also show us just how strong our ties are with our Local Conservation Groups and volunteers. Continue reading