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Eurobirdwatch 2014 sees 2.5 million migrants in the air

On the weekend 4–5 October, over 23,000 people took part in the most exciting nature event of the autumn: the annual Eurobirdwatch. From Portugal to Kazakhstan, from Malta to Norway, BirdLife Partners invited people of all ages to discover and observe the fascinating migration of birds. Continue reading

Watch the honeymoon of Cory’s Shearwaters from The Azores as it happens

All of us have at some time wondered how a baby feels to be slowly discovering the world. Continue reading

New report reveals scale of declines of UK migratory birds wintering in Africa

The migration of millions of birds across the face of the planet is one of nature’s greatest annual events. Every spring some species move in one direction, while every autumn those same species move in the opposite one, very often linking continents. Continue reading

Biosfera I and conservation of the near threatened Cape Verde Shearwater

Biosfera I, a national non-governmental organisation for the protection of the environment in Cape Verde is working hard to save the Cape Verde Shearwater Calonectris edwardsii. Continue reading

Violence in Malta: BirdLife volunteers attacked by extremists protesting against hunting ban

The ban was imposed by the government in an apparent move to back the designation of Vella as Commissioner for the Environment and try to silence criticisms. Continue reading

Many more threatened species in an East African biodiversity hotspot than previously thought

The Eastern Arc Mountains and Coastal Forests of Tanzania and Kenya (EACF) are currently understood to host over 750 globally threatened species of plants and animals, more than double the 333 species listed in an assessment undertaken in 2003. Continue reading

France: LPO takes direct action to liberate poached Ortolans

Every year in France, thousands of Ortolan Buntings are poached, mutilated and killed in breach of EU and national laws. Continue reading

An urgent change in the law is needed to protect Common Quails and Turtle Doves in Serbia

As many other bird species in Europe, the Common Quail and the Turtle Dove are being victims of a common practice that brings only concerns to the bird lovers: an uncontrolled hunting for which the laws seem not to be sensitive enough. Continue reading

Fishing fleets in Argentina agree to use devices to stop albatross deaths

A major trawl fishery in Argentina has just agreed to start trialling and test-using lines that scare birds away from the fishing equipment that has been causing the accidental death of species like the globally Near-Threatened Black-browed Albatross. Continue reading

Climate change threatens 314 North American bird species

Climate change threatens nearly half the bird species in the continental United States and Canada, including the Bald Eagle and dozens of other species like the Common Loon, Baltimore Oriole and Brown Pelican, according to a new study published by National Audubon Society (BirdLife in the U.S.A.). Continue reading