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Neonicotinoid pesticides linked to butterfly declines

The use of neonicotinoid pesticides may be contributing to the decline of butterflies in the UK, a study has revealed. Continue reading

Mediterranean blue butterfly invades south coast

A striking continental butterfly has emerged on the South Coast in record numbers for the second time in three years, Butterfly Conservation (BC) has revealed. Continue reading

Climate change toll on butterflies and moths

Climate change may be contributing far more to butterfly and moth declines than previously thought, a study has revealed. Continue reading

Holly blue defies predatory wasp – Big Butterfly Count results

A butterfly locked in an evolutionary struggle with a killer wasp has bounced back this summer following a series of steep declines, results from the Big Butterfly Count have revealed. Continue reading

Cigarettes and alcohol … and moths

Back gardens across the UK will be baited with tobacco and alcohol over the next few nights as part of a cunning bid to lure in a massive continental moth whose tongue is longer than its body. Continue reading

Droughts could cause UK butterfly extinctions

An increase in drought conditions caused by climate change could result in the extinction of six UK butterfly species by 2050, a study has revealed. Continue reading

Not so common: where is the Common Blue?

Conservationists are seeking the help of millions of holidaymakers heading to the coast this summer in a bid to solve the mystery of a disappearing butterfly. Continue reading

Across The Lough For Butterflies

A father and son team are planning to visit around 70 islands by boat in just seven days in an epic bid to count thousands of butterflies on Strangford Lough – the largest inlet in the UK and Ireland. Continue reading

Get Out For The Count!

Sir David Attenborough is calling on the public to help reverse butterfly declines by planting nectar sources for pollinating insects in their gardens. Continue reading

Grazing not blazing

Cattle are set to return to a South Wales common following recent work which is set to help butterflies and wildlife in the area. Continue reading