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Government must take opportunity to set wildlife friendly low carbon future for Scotland

The Scottish Government has the opportunity to set ambitious energy targets that are in harmony with nature in its forthcoming “Scottish Energy Strategy” says RSPB Scotland. Continue reading

New study reveals lost birdsong of Britain

New study reveals that yellowhammer dialects which it’s thought previously existed in the UK have now been lost, but can still be heard in birdsong overseas, shedding new light on the cultural evolution of birdsong. Continue reading

Tourists spend £8.2m in Dumfries and Galloway after travelling to see red kites

People visiting Dumfries and Galloway to see the region’s red kites have contributed over £8.2m to the local economy, a new report has found. Continue reading

Farmers in Fife and Angus are heralded as saviours of one of Scotland’s fastest declining birds

Actions by farmers are responsible for improved fortunes of corn buntings. Continue reading

RSPB Scotland supports offshore floating wind project

Following the recent submission of RSPB Scotland’s consultation response to the Dounreay Tri Floating Wind Demonstration project, west of the Pentland Firth, Charles Nathan, Marine Conservation Planner at RSPB Scotland said: Continue reading

RSPB Scotland welcomes landmark decision on beaver reintroduction

RSPB Scotland has welcomed the Scottish Government’s decision to reclassify beavers as a native species to Scotland, following an announcement made by the Cabinet Secretary, Roseanna Cunningham MSP, earlier today. Continue reading

Record number of common cranes in UK

Latest common crane survey reveals record breaking 48 pairs across UK in 2016 with a total population of an estimated 160 birds – its highest number since they returned to the UK in 1978 after an absence of more than 400 years. Continue reading

Welcome rise in Scotland’s golden eagle population, according to fourth national survey

Results from the fourth national golden eagle survey show that the population of these birds of prey has increased to 508 pairs in Scotland. That is a rise of 15% since the previous survey in 2003, when 442 pairs were recorded, and indicates recovery of the population towards levels thought to have been present in this country historically.  Continue reading

Oxfordshire’s baby bittern boom

The first bitterns to breed in Oxfordshire for more than 150 years have been recorded at the RSPB Otmoor reserve, thanks to the hard work of volunteers. Continue reading

Rare farmland bird reaches major milestone

Latest population survey of one of Britain’s most threatened farmland birds has revealed an increase in numbers to reach the major milestone of over a thousand pairs. Continue reading