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Birdwatcher’s Diary App Now Available for Android

Birdwatcher’s Diary app from Stevens Creek Software is now available for Android phones and tablets just in time for the 2014 Christmas Bird Count. Continue reading

Slithery snakes and legless lizards to join RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch 2015

Grass snakes and slow worms will be added to the world’s largest garden wildlife survey on 24 & 25 January 2015. Continue reading

First full migration census in southern Turkey of Egyptian Vulture and other raptors

With its yellow beak and its beautiful white plumage, the Egyptian Vulture was revered in Ancient Egypt as a symbol of parental care. Sadly, this majestic bird is one of those many endangered species that year after year face several threats causing their decline. Continue reading

Hundreds of important sites for nature threatened with destruction

More than 350 of the planet’s most important sites for nature are threatened with being lost forever according to a new report by BirdLife International. Continue reading

What will the winter hold for birds?

So far the unusual weather of 2014 has clearly driven unexpected highs and lows in garden bird numbers. Continue reading

Pollinators Pushed Up The Agenda

Butterfly Conservation welcomes the Government’s National Pollinator Strategy. The newly published document is a clear steer from Government that the declines in bees and wild pollinators including butterflies and moths are being taken seriously. Continue reading

Gunnison Sage-Grouse Listed as Threatened by US Fish & Wildlife Service

The U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service (USFWS) has announced that the Gunnison sage-grouse warrants protection under the Endangered Species Act as threatened throughout its range. This decision was based on a comprehensive status review which found there was “sufficient scientific and commercial data to propose listing.” Continue reading

Megafauna hotspots: the missing link in marine protection

New report highlights need to protect important places for dolphins, whales and basking sharks. Continue reading

New UNEP report unveils world on track to meet 2020 target for protected areas on land and sea

15.4% of terrestrial areas, 3.4% of oceans protected, but further progress needed to cover and effectively manage areas of importance for biodiversity and ecosystem services. Continue reading

A fraction of global military spending could save the planet’s biodiversity, say experts

Only one in four protected areas is well managed. Continue reading