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BirdLife Partner joins the protest against purse seine fishing in Cook Islands waters

The state of the marine ecosystems and the huge pressures on them from climate change, pollution and overfishing are big issues for BirdLife Partners around the world.  This is especially the case for Bird Life’s Partner in the Cook Islands, the Te Ipukarea Society (TIS), which is playing a leading role in the growing opposition to purse seine fishing, particularly of the kind associated with Fish Aggregation Devices (FADs). Continue reading

New colony of Dalmatian Pelicans established in Bulgaria

A new colony of the globally threatened Dalmatian Pelican, 60 years in the making, has finally been formed in Bulgaria. Ten pairs now nest on one of two artificial wooden platforms built for them in the Peschina Marsh, located in the Persina Nature Park. Continue reading

Bird friendly beef in Porto Alegre’s market

After years of work, SAVE Brasil has managed to bring bird-friendly beef with the seal of the Grasslands Alliance into the markets of Porto Alegre, the capital of the Brazilian state of Rio Grande do Sul. But why is grass-fed beef such good news for birds? Continue reading

Rare Parakeet Gains More Protected Habitat in Ecuador

The Ecuadorian nonprofit Fundación Jocotoco, with the support of American Bird Conservancy and U.K.-based international conservation group World Land Trust, has acquired 233 acres (94 hectares) of critically important cloud-forest habitat in Ecuador, home to a rare parakeet—the endangered El Oro Parakeet—as well as El Oro Tapaculo and other rare species. Continue reading

BLM Plan Threatens Marbled Murrelet, Sets Back Forest Recovery Taking Place Under Northwest Forest Plan

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) is proposing a final forest plan for the forests it manages in Oregon that weakens existing protections for the threatened Marbled Murrelet and Northern Spotted Owl. These protections were put in place in 1995 as part of President Clinton’s Northwest Forest Plan. Continue reading

Mixed fortunes for seabirds in East Caithness

A new report shows a mixed picture of population increases and declines for many seabirds in a protected natural area in East Caithness – though with some faring better than seabirds nationally. Continue reading

€12 million European Union funding to protect vital UK moorlands

Thousands of acres of South Pennines moorland and peat bogs to be better protected as a new EU-funded restoration project gets underway. Continue reading

Corncrake calls on Rathlin Island

The distinctive crex-crex call of the corncrake has been heard on Rathlin Island for just the second time in 17 years. Continue reading

Britain’s rarest birds of prey are back, but where are they nesting?

Montagu’s harriers, the UK’s rarest breeding birds of prey, have started arriving back in the country for the summer after spending the winter months in tropical Senegal in West Africa, and the RSPB is asking the public to report any sightings of the birds to help identify new areas where they might be nesting. Continue reading

Two for joy for East Scotland sea eagles

Two white-tailed eagle chicks have successfully hatched from a nest in Fife, it was announced today. Continue reading