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Wanted: Winter Sightings of Hen Harriers

After a successful public appeal for sightings of hen harriers over the spring and summer – with over 100 reports recorded – the Heads Up for Harriers group is asking the public to help once again this winter. Continue reading

Stronger action needed to protect native birds of prey as Birdcrime report reveals illegal killing continues

The RSPB is calling for better application of the laws that protect UK raptors, as the Birdcrime 2014 report highlights that illegal persecution continues to prevent some of our native birds of prey from recovering to their natural levels.
Continue reading

Europe urged to do more to tackle threatened African wildlife

Conservationists are welcoming the launch of a new European plan to help protect wildlife in Africa. Continue reading

Balkan Lynx added to the IUCN list as Critically Endangered

The IUCN Red List has added the Balkan Lynx to its Red List as a Critically Endangered subspecies of the Eurasian Lynx. This is a very real confirmation that the Balkan Lynx requires urgent and coordinated conservation actions in order to increase its population in the wild. Continue reading

The Messengers – what birds tell us about the threats from climate change

Birds are among the best studied species in the world, making them great messengers for the effects of climate change. Continue reading

Greenpeace condemns departure of Japanese whaling fleet

Greenpeace calls on the government of Japan to cancel the whaling fleet heading to the Southern Ocean under the guise of  “research whaling”, and condemned the expedition as both unnecessary and in violation of the findings of the International Court of Justice (ICJ). The Japanese government released a statement announcing the fleet would depart for the Antarctic today. Continue reading

The north bears the brunt of a bad breeding season

Information collected by British Trust for Ornithology volunteers shows that numbers of many resident bird species, and some migrants, increased in 2015. However, the spells of cool, wet weather that much of Britain & Ireland experienced in late-spring and summer left many birds struggling to breed, with more northerly populations faring particularly badly. Continue reading

Lead ammunition poisoning – new figures

Up to 100,000 wildfowl (swans, ducks and geese) are estimated to die each year in the UK countryside due to lead poisoning from spent gunshot, according to research published today. It’s estimated that large numbers of terrestrial birds also die. Continue reading

Birdcrime report reveals bird of prey killing continues in NI

A total of 15 magnificent birds of prey were persecuted in Northern Ireland last year, a new report has revealed. Continue reading

RSPB offer £1,000 reward in appeal for information on shooting of rare red-footed falcon

Cambridgeshire Police, the National Wildlife Crime Unit and the RSPB are appealing for anyone with information about the shooting of a rare red-footed falcon to come forward after the body of the protected bird of prey was found near Whittlesey in Cambridgeshire in September. Continue reading