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Tinhosas Islands – desert island, seabird paradise

São Tomé e Príncipe is a small tropical country known amongst birdwatchers and conservationists for its endangered secondary forests, and high level of bird endemism. However, the country also holds the most impressive seabird colonies in the eastern tropical Atlantic Ocean – the Tinhosas Islands. Continue reading

BirdLife Partner NABU engages in Africa against ivory poaching

NABU, BirdLife Partner in Germany, is warning of an increase in poaching in African national parks where poachers are killing around 100 elephants a day. In the 1970’s there were still some 1.2 million elephants living on the continent; today there are fewer than 444,000. Last year alone, more than 45 tons of ivory were confiscated worldwide. Continue reading

Cousin Island Special Reserve – a success story

This video tells the conservation success story of Cousin Island Special Reserve, a former coconut enterprise now turned nature reserve in the Seychelles. Managed by local NGO and BirdLife Partner, Nature Seychelles, Cousin lies approximately 2 km from Praslin Island, Seychelles. Continue reading

New evidence of vanishing grasslands

The Wildlife Trusts call on Government to save remaining wildlife-rich grasslands and help farmers halt ‘catastrophic’ decline. Continue reading

One week left to give views on proposed extensions to Special Protection Area at Flamborough Head

The formal public consultation on plans to extend the protection given to seabirds at Flamborough Head to adjacent areas is coming to a close next week. Continue reading

Bad news for Europe’s bumblebees

Twenty four percent of European bumblebee species are threatened with extinction according to a recent study assessing the species group at the European level. Continue reading

First egg for new peregrine pair at Chichester Cathedral

The new female peregrine at Chichester Cathedral laid her first egg today. “We are delighted that the first egg has appeared,” said RSPB Date With Nature project officer Lauren Terry. Continue reading

Let’s hear it for gulls – ‘Parents of the Year’

Herring gulls take parenting very seriously – whether they are on an unpopulated coastal island or in a town or city. Defending their nest and their young is part of their DNA. Continue reading

BirdLife Partners join forces against illegal bird killing in the Mediterranean

For migratory birds, illegal killing is an additional threat to their already dangerous and challenging journey. Continue reading

Butterflies at massive risk from climate change

The latest report from the IPCC concludes that we are facing a big change in world’s climate that will have a huge impact on humans and wildlife alike. Continue reading