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Shot peregrine found dead at Derbyshire Wildlife Trust headquarters

A male peregrine falcon has been shot and found dead outside Derbyshire Wildlife Trust’s offices at East Mill in Belper, Derbyshire. Continue reading

Wild giant panda numbers increase by over 16%

The number of wild giant pandas has increased by 16.8% over the last decade according to a new survey conducted by the Chinese government. The increase in population brings the total number of wild giant pandas to 1,864 compared to 1,596 in 2003. Continue reading

New research provides farmers with techniques to help turtle dove recovery

A new research study, conducted on six farms across East Anglia, has recommended a new agri-environment management option that could help in the recovery of UK turtle dove populations. Continue reading

Good news for garden birds

2014 was a good year for garden birds, though maybe not for garden birdwatchers! Continue reading

Rare glimpse of elusive rail

An ornithological search-team have caught a glimpse of one of the world’s most threatened waterbirds, the Critically Endangered Zapata Rail Cyanolimnas cerverai. The sighting is the first documented in more than four decades and offers hope to conservationists working to ensure its survival. Continue reading

New monkey species discovered in the Amazon Rainforest

Flaming orange tail and ochre sideburns set new Brazilian monkey apart from its closest relatives. Continue reading

Can 3-D Printing Save This Toucan’s Life?

After an attack, a Costa Rican Black-Mandibled Toucan lost most of its upper beak. Now, with a little help from the crowd, it may get a second chance. Continue reading

Oregon’s Hat-Snatching Owl Gains Fame

The defensive Barred Owl has a national bad rap, personalized warning signs, accessories, and now, a nickname. Continue reading

Fresh aims to protect Uists’ wader birds and stimulate local economy

Internationally important numbers of breeding wader birds help support the rural economy of the Outer Hebrides, the board of Scottish Natural Heritage has recognised. Continue reading

Frolicking family video shows China’s tiger population roaring back

Rare video of a protective tigress and her cubs playing 30 kilometres from the Russian border is evidence that wild Amur tigers are returning to China. The footage captured by a WWF camera trap is the first ever infrared video of a tiger family so deep into China. Continue reading