Hayes Farm, Bromley – 2nd April 2012

Almost impossible to believe but a report of 4 Garganey on the Trout Lake had to be checked out. But with no further details on the timings of the Sunday sighting and at such a site surely they would not stick.

A quick early morning check proved my experience to be right; another great local bird evades me; but almost as good was finding a Wheatear in one of the paddocks/fields.

And with one of the two resident Egyptian Geese feeding in another field, it was worth the early start. In fact, I suspect if those with more time on their hands watched this site as intensively as birders at Canon’s Farm or Beddington, this patch would turn up a lot more. Situated on one of the highest points in the London area and with a range of suitable habitat there must be many good birds slipping through; the winter’s Long-tailed Duck and now these Garganey are proof enough.

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