6th January 2007



Went down to the floating dock this morning to meet up with Chris Harbard of Birdwatch Magazine Fan. He has just come up from South Georgia on the Clipper Adventurer and is in Stanley for a few hours before catching the LAN flight to Chile for onward connections to the UK.



Had a call this afternoon to say that there was a Pectoral Sandpiper near Stanley Airport, went and had some great views of the bird and took a few pictures. While looking at the pictures later that day noticed that it is a different bird that was in the area in December. It is infact the third Pectoral Sandpiper for the summer near Stanley. A really good summer for Pectoral Sandpipers in the Falklands with at least 7 different birds recorded so far.




Also lots of young Two Banded Plovers and Rufous Chested Dotterels about, Looks like it has been a very good breeding year for them.



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