8th January 2007



Went out to Volunteers Beach today home to the largest King Penguin colony in the Falklands, also has Gentoo & Magellanic Penguins.





Down on the beach while watching a group of Kings getting ready for a fishing trip noticed a large group of Southern Giant Petrels that had 1 adult Northern Giant Petrel amongst them, this was a real bonus and lifer for Vaughan Ashby who I had taken to Volunteer's.



With lots more people having arrived we decided that we would make our way to Kelp Point the otherside of East Falklands with the hope of seeing some of the Hudsonian Godwits that have spent the last four summers in the area.


After driving overland for 3 hours we arrived at Kelp Point, unfortunately there were no Hudsonians Godwits to be seen but did see on the large pond at the back of Kelp point two pairs of Coscoroba Swans one with four young the other with just the one joung these are only the second and third pairs of Coscoroba Swans to breed in the Falklands. Also by this pond we came across a family of Southern Sea-Lions this is the second year running that this pair has raised it's young here.



With no Hudsonian Godwits about had to be content with finding my first Baird's Sandpiper of the year a scarce but regular summer visiter to the Falklands



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