19th January 2007

Couple hours birding down at Cape Pembroke lighthouse this evening producted quite alot. Just after getting out of my vehicle a Tussacbird flew up to me and landed on the spare wheel at the back of the vehicle.



Walking along the North side (sheltered) there were a couple of Grass Wrens, a Dark Faced Ground Tyrant and a pair of Falkland Thrushes all feeding on flys on the rotten Kelp. At the point I could see that there were 100's of Sooty Shearwaters and Black Browed Albatrosses flying bye with many very close inshore. An hours sea watch produced a couple of White Chinned Petrels and a lone Great Shearwater.



Just out by the Kelp beds there were 20+ Southern Giant Petrels picking food off the surface.

Not sure what they were feeding on but I suspect it could have been krill what ever it was more birds were joining all the time with about 50+ birds there after about twenty minutes




At this point I hear a snort just behind me that turns out to be the big Bull Southern Sea-Lion that is often at the point. Must have been fast asleep when I walked through the Tussac but once he caught my scent (No I did not crap myself) he moved down to the shore line at which point I left rather than him get spooked and go into the water.



Walking back to the vehicle again on the North side to avoid the cold South Westerly wind that has been blowing hard now for the last week I came across this pair of Blackish Oystercatchers which posed well for the camera.



Other birds about the Lighthouse area were Rufous Chested Dotteral, Magellanic Oystercatcher, Dolphin Gull, Kelp Gull, Brown Hooded Gull, South American Tern, King Cormorant and Falkland Skua.