Onboard Corinthian ll

Between the 25th – 28th February & 2nd  5th March I was onboard Corinthian ll as the local guide for the Falklands part of there cruises.


During the visit they called at New Island, West Point Island, Carcass Island and Saunders Island I joined them for the last 3 Islands


Below are some of the images taken during the trip.

This years fledged Dolphin Gulls              

Grass Wren & Cobb’s Wren in Wild Celery                   

6 of 20+ Grass Wrens in 1 group                   

Female Falkland Steamer – Duck                 

Magellanic & Blackish Oystercatcher              

Very Pale Ruddy Headed Goose               

Moulting Magellanic Penguins          

The small King Penguin Colony on Saunders Island there are 3 pairs with chicks and 3 pairs still incubating eggs

Rockhopper just finished it’s moult

Turkey Vultures on West Point Island

Adult pair of Striated Caracara

Corinthian ll anchored off Saunders Island with the greeting party ready onshore

A small part of the Black Browed Albatross colony on Saunders Island.

Southern Elephant Seal & Southern Sea -Lion on the beach at Carcass Island

1 of 10+ Sei Whale seen between Carcass Island & West Point Island

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