All Change at Gypsy Cove

Went out to Gypsy Cove to see if any Magellanic Penguins had returned, when I got there was very surprised to see that the beach has totally changed in the three weeks that I was away in the UK, the sand has been totally swept away.

Gypsy Cove this morning

Gypsy Cove in November 2005 


There was a single Magellanic Penguin cleaning out its burrow, other birds about included Falkland Thrush, Black Chinned Siskin, Dark Faced Ground Tyrant & Grass Wren.


Just offshore there were 4 Southern Sea-Lions playing about in the surf.


Down at Yorke Bay pond the resident pair of White Tufted Grebe are building a nest in the centre of the pond. Lots of Two Banded Plovers holding territories and a few pairs of Rufous Chested Dotterels have returned and are starting to do their enchanting display flights


2 thoughts on “All Change at Gypsy Cove

  1. Nice!
    How interesting!

    I'm amazed that the beach could change that much in such a short span of time.

    And I never knew penguin flippers could get so dirty. 🙂

    Thanks for the pictures.

  2. Gypsy Cove
    Glad you are back from Blighty and on with the Blog.

    I am guessing a storm must have swept the sand from the beach, but it is such a sheltered position! What is the full story.

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