New Years Day Birding

Went out to Gypsy Cove first thing this morning to start the birding year off, at Gypsy Cove saw the King Penguin amongst the Magellanic Penguins on the beach. Other birds seen included Grass Wren & Black Chinned Siskin


Then I picked up Tim & Margaret Carr and we headed out to Kelp Point for the day.


At Pleasant Road pond there were 7 adult Coscoroba Swans including a pair with 6 cygnets, other birds on the pond included Black Necked Swan, Silver & Speckled Teal, Chiloe Wigeon, White Tufted Grebe & Silvery Grebe. On the beach there were large numbers of Kelp Gulls along with a few Dolphin Gulls and a couple of Brown Hooded Gulls. One of the Kelp Gulls was a very strange plumaged bird as seen in the images below.


At the Gentoo Penguin Colony there were a couple of King Penguins.

At Kelp Point Pond there were 12 Adult Coscoroba Swans including a pair with 4 cygnets. Also on the pond and around the edge there were thousands of White Rumped Sandpipers with smaller numbers of Two Banded Plovers & Rufous Chested Dotterels.


On the Beach we soon picked up the Hudsonian Whimbrel that I had found on the 8th December.



Further along the beach there was a couple of Southern Sea Lions including a large Bull.


Back at the beach 5 Hudsonian Godwits had joined the Hudsonian Whimbrel.


Before heading back to Stanley we had a look at the large numbers of South American Terns that were out on one of the rocky spits.