Red Shoveler – Cattle Point Pond

On Sunday morning we headed out to check on the pond at Cattle Point and then head further along the coast to some more rarely visited ponds.


At Cattle Point pond their were 20+ Speckled Teal and a single female Red Shoveler a very rare vagrant to the Falkland Islands.


Further along the caost on an unnamed pond there were a pair of Yellow Billed Pintail with 2 young, Silver Teal, Speckled Teal & 2 pairs of Silvery Grebe.


At Sand Bay pond there were large numbers wildfowl including Speckled Teal, Silver Teal, 1 pair of Black Necked Swan, Chiloe Wigeon, Crested Duck also on the pond were both White Tufted Grebe and a total of 181+ Silvery Grebe.

15 of at least 181 Silvery Grebe on Sand Bay pond.

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  1. Weekends Birding
    Looks like you had a good weekend there mate. Was the Shoveler in the North Arm area ? Not too sure where Sand Bay is. Did you meet up with Knacker on Sat night at the North Arm pub/club ?

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