Atlantic Petrel & Wandering Albatross

With the wind direction turning from the North East to a South and increasing overnight I decided to again head out to Cape Pembroke lighthouse to do a sea watch.

Soon after arriving it became apparent that there were a lot more birds moving through than yesterday but slightly further offshore.


Sooty Shearwater numbers were in the hundreds a minute passing the headland. After about 15 minutes I picked up my first Atlantic Petrel, a total of 8+ birds were seen.

Above & below Atlantic Petrels off Cape Pembroke


After about an hour I picked up my first of two Wandering Albatross of which both were flying North to South.

Wandering Albatross off Cape Pembroke

Wandering Albatross off Cape Pembroke

Wandering Albatross off Cape Pembroke (Second Bird) 


Other seabirds seen included Black Browed Albatross, 10+ White Chinned Petrel, Southern Giant Petrel, 3 Northern Giant Petrel, 4 Great Shearwater, 1 Antarctic Fulmar, 2 Wilson’s Storm Petrel.

5 thoughts on “Atlantic Petrel & Wandering Albatross

  1. Great Blog
    Hi Alan,

    Great Blog. Visit it every week. I have great memories of birding there whilst serving Queen and country. Keep up the excellent work.

    Kind regards


  2. Atlantic Petrels
    Very much enjoy the blog, I have visited FI a number of times en route to South G. I was intriqued by the pic of Atlantic Petrel, particualry the top one as it seems to show no dark undertail at all, something I remember being pretty distinctive seeing them between FI and SG. Obviously it is hard to id them from the pics (and you did well to get them) but they do look a bit reminiscent of soft-plumaged petrels.

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