Southern Lapwing – Rare Falklands Vagrant

This afternoon I got a call to say that an unusual bird had been seen at the East end of Stanley, I got to where the bird was being watched, it turned out to be a Southern Lapwing.


Southern Lapwings are a vagrant species with 1 or 2 birds recorded every few years. My last sighting was January 2006.





Many thanks to Carol & Terence Phillips for finding the bird and to Michelle King for getting the message to me.

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Who's Watching Who??

Yesterday while watching football on the television a Cattle Egret landed on the verandah, within a couple of metres from where I was sitting. It walked right up to the patio window and looked into the sitting room.


It spent the next 30 minutes catching a few Bluebottles that were around the Hebe bushes in the garden. It has been 6 years since I have had a Cattle Egret in my garden.


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