Dolphin & Kelp Gulls

At the Stanley dump today there were large numbers of both Kelp Gull & Dolphin Gull, two of the three breeding gulls in the Falkland Islands.

Below are images of both species at different ages.

Adult Kelp Gull

Juvenile Kelp Gull

2nd Winter Kelp Gull

3rd Winter Kelp Gull

3rd Winter Kelp Gull

Adult Winter Dolphin Gull

1st Winter Dolphin Gull

Tagged Turkey Vultures

I went out to Stanley dump this morning to see if any tagged Turkey Vultures were there. I could see at least two birds at the far side of the dump feeding in amongst 30+ Turkey Vultures and hundreds of Kelp & Dolphin Gulls.


I walked around the top of the ridge to the far side of the dump and saw and photographed 8 different tagged birds.

Yellow 35

Yellow 103

Yellow 109

Yellow 31

Yellow 116 & Yellow 132

Yellow 116, Yellow 132 & Yellow 125

Yellow 116

Yellow 127

I estimate that there were about 150 Turkey Vultures at the dump and surrounding area.