Dolphin & Kelp Gulls

At the Stanley dump today there were large numbers of both Kelp Gull & Dolphin Gull, two of the three breeding gulls in the Falkland Islands.

Below are images of both species at different ages.

Adult Kelp Gull

Juvenile Kelp Gull

2nd Winter Kelp Gull

3rd Winter Kelp Gull

3rd Winter Kelp Gull

Adult Winter Dolphin Gull

1st Winter Dolphin Gull

3 thoughts on “Dolphin & Kelp Gulls

  1. Kelp Gulls
    Send me one of those Kelp Gulls please…

    Nice photos. Dolphin Gull's a bit of a looker!


    Jon (

  2. great pictures!
    Hi, excellent pictures, I really like the look of gulls. Even though they are considered pests, they are so great to photograph.

    What a great place to be for a twitcher- the Falklands! Would love to go there one day 🙂

    from Bemused26,

  3. Untitled Comment
    I love your bird pictures. Tried to photograph a regular ole red Cardinal in the yard the other day; but my camera isn't fast enough. I know you must have tricks to get the great pics you do.

    Not really annoyomus but no clue about signing in…far too many different logins


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