Tagged Turkey Vultures

I went out to Stanley dump this morning to see if any tagged Turkey Vultures were there. I could see at least two birds at the far side of the dump feeding in amongst 30+ Turkey Vultures and hundreds of Kelp & Dolphin Gulls.


I walked around the top of the ridge to the far side of the dump and saw and photographed 8 different tagged birds.

Yellow 35

Yellow 103

Yellow 109

Yellow 31

Yellow 116 & Yellow 132

Yellow 116, Yellow 132 & Yellow 125

Yellow 116

Yellow 127

I estimate that there were about 150 Turkey Vultures at the dump and surrounding area.

6 thoughts on “Tagged Turkey Vultures

  1. Tagged TVs at the Stanley Dump
    These are great photos Alan. Thanks so much for posting them.

    Any resighting reports of tagged birds, including repeat resightings of the same bird at the same place on successive days, are quite useful to us as we attempt to learn more about their movment ecology. Reports can be sent to me at bildstein@hawkmtn.org Thanks

  2. nice shots
    Hi, great shots of the vultures. They are so strange looking but oddly attractive too.

    Bemused26 dslr-images.blogspot.com

  3. great pics

    Good day,

    Thanks for posting your sightings. I am Brandon Breen, and I am a Master's student at the University of Minnesota, USA. I was involved in the tagging of these vultures (along with Keith Bildstein at Hawk Mountain Sanctuary, and Marc Bechard at Boise State University).

    Alan kindly drew our attention to your website. These sightings are very useful. Best,

    Brandon Breen

  4. Untitled Comment
    Hi again Alan – disregard the previous posting. I didn't realize the photos were on your blog; I thought you were alerting me to another photographer's site. You already know all that stuff I just wrote about the tagging. I'll talk to you later, cheers.


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