Least Seedsnipe – Very Rare Falklands Vagrant

I went out just after first light this morning to see if the White-backed Stilt was still there, unfortunately it was nowhere to be seen. The weather last night was very cold with temperatures dropping down to -3 degrees and the wind picking up and swinging around to the North.


Next I went to the dump to see if any tagged Turkey Vultures were about. I saw tagged 123, 23 & 05 along with 35+ untagged Turkey Vultures, Kelp Gull, Dolphin Gull & 3 Snowy Sheathbills.

Tagged Yellow 23 taken on 17th May 2009 

I then went and had a look for the Least Seedsnipe & Violet-eared Dove, at first there were no sign of either but then I saw the Least Seedsnipe fly up and drop down onto the beach.


There it give very confiding views and I managed some close shots of it.



3 thoughts on “Least Seedsnipe – Very Rare Falklands Vagrant

  1. Rare Birds
    Looks like you are having a golden period down there at the moment mate. If there are this many vagrants near Stanley, imagine how many are spread around the place!!

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