Marine Mammals

Sea Lion Island not only has Southern Sea Lions on it but is also home to the most Southern Elephants Seals to be found in the Falkland Islands.

Below are some of the images of marine mammals taken on Sea Lion Island.

Southern Elephant Seals on the Southern beach

Soon after giving birth to there single pup the female Southern Elephant Seals are ready to be mated with by the huge bulls.

The pups suckle from their mothers for just 23 days before the female leaves and returns to feed at sea.

In the 23 days the pups go from little black sacks of skin to big fat lazy lumps.

They then spend the next 8 to 14 weeks on the beach before hunger forces them to leave to feed.    

A Southern Sea Lion giving a pup Southern Elephant Seal some hassle at Elephant corner.

An Antarctic Fur Seal with some nasty wounds on it’s flippers. 

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Sea Lion Island

Monday morning saw me boarding a plane to Sea Lion Island which is located 10miles south of mainland East Falklands and has a land mass of 2,236 acres. The purpose of my visit was to give Customs & Immigration clearance to the cruise vessel Ushuaia. Unfortunately J The Ushuaia was delayed so I had the whole day on Sea Lion Island to do some birding.

Below are some images of the 45 species of birds seen during the 1½ days I spent  there.

Juvenile Striated Caracara with stolen Gentoo Penguin egg

Adult breeding pair of Striated Caracara 

3 of 12 Silvery Grebe on Long pond

Silver Teal in the California Clubrush on Long pond 

Female Kelp Goose sitting on her nest near the lodge

The endemic Cobb’s Wren, an abundent species on Sea Lion Island


The endemic Falkland Steamer Duck on on Tussac pond


Crested Duck


Female Upland Goose


Male Upland Goose


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