Cape Petrel or Pintado Petrel

This morning I went out on a launch to Berkeley Sound to give Customs clearance to a tug & barge that had come into collect bunkers from a tanker.

Around the back of the barge there were a few Cape Petrels (Pintado Petrel)and couple of Southern Fulmars feeding.

Cape Petrel (Pintado Petrel)

Southern Fulmar    

Other seabirds seen today included Black Browed Albatross, Sooty Shearwater, White Chinned Petrel.

Waders with Jewellery

While on Sea Lion Island earlier this week I saw a number of Rufous Chested Dotterel with 3 coloured plastic and 1 metal ring on them. While I do appreciate that it is necessary to ring birds for scientific information, I do wonder if there is a need to put 4 rings on each bird. I see a bird that just does not look right, but then again maybe it likes it’s jewellery.

Blue over metal & Yellow over Orange

Red over metal & Red over Green

Not to be out done a few Two Banded Plovers also had some jewellery on as well.

Green over metal & Red over Orange

Yellow over metal & White over Blue