Birding With A Couple Of Royal Marines

This morning I took Darren & Ali a couple of visiting Royal Marine band members out birding, first we headed out to see if the King Penguin was still about, unfortunately there was no sign of it but we did see White Bridled Finch and Long Tailed Meadowlark. We then headed out to Cape Pembroke where we saw quite a few species of birds and a young female Southern Sea Lion.


At Yorke Bay pond we saw White Tufted Grebe, Rufous Chested Dotterel & Two Banded Plover  while looking for White Rumped Sandpipers we found a Lesser Yellowlegs. After studying the photographs I took, it turns out that it is a different bird from the one that was last seen on the 17th November at the pond.

At Gypsy Cove we added Magellanic Penguin, Black Chinned Siskin & Grass Wren to the day’s species list.


This evening I went back to have another look at the Lesser Yellowlegs but there was no sign of it, I did however see 7 Baird’s Sandpipers on the pond just through the gate to Cape Pembroke.

3 of the 7 Bairds Sandpiper with a couple of White Rumped Sandpipers (middle birds)

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