Commerson's Dolphins

After I disembarked the Corinthian II I got a lift over to Carcass Island on Mike Clark’s boat called Condor. During the voyage over we were joined by up to 10 Commerson’s Dolphins.








West Point Island

After Saunders Island yesterday morning we sailed over to West Point Island where we spent the afternoon looking at the Rockhopper Penguins & Black Browed Albatross at the “Devils Nose”. Below is a selection of images taken during the afternoon

Corinthian II in West Point Harbour

The "Devils Nose" at West Point Island



Above & Below Black Browed Albaross coming into land          



Saunders Island

On Wednesday & Thursday of this week I was onboard Corinthian II as their local guide, On Thursday morning we made an early morning zodiac landing at the Neck on Saunders Island. We spent just over 3 hours on the beach looking at the Gentoo, Magellanic & King Penguins  and then hiking up the cliff to view the Rockhopper Penguin & Black Browed Albatross on their nests. Below is a selection of images from the morning spent on Saunders Island.

Gentoo Penguins getting ready to come ashore at the Neck

The "Neck" at Saunders Island


Adult Black Browed Albatross sitting on its pedistal nest

Rockhopper Penguin doing what it does best

Scaring on the cliff face made by millions of Rockhopper Penguins climbing to their nests over the centuries

King Penguin chicks from the last breeding season

Adult King Penguin