Small Flock of Baird's Sandpipers

Yesterday evening at the ponds just through the gate that leads down to Cape Pembroke I saw a small flock of 8 Baird’s Sandpipers, also in the flock were a couple of White Rumped Sandpipers. This is the best location for seeing Baird’s Sandpipers that I know of in the Falkland Islands, late afternoon seems to be the best time to see them.

6 Baird’s Sandpipers with a single White Rumped Sandpiper (In water facing left)

White Rumped Sandpiper with a Bairds Sandpiper behind

Juvenile Baird’s Sandpiper

Adult Baird’ Sandpiper with Juvenile bird on the right

2 thoughts on “Small Flock of Baird's Sandpipers

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