Falkland Island Orchids

Sorry for the lack of posts lately, but birding has been very quite. I have spent a lot of time photographing some of the Falkland Islands plants. Below are the four species of Orchids found in the Falkland Islands.  All of which are in bloom at the moment.

Gaudichaud’s Orchid Chloraea gaudichaudii


Pale Yellow Orchid Gavilea australis


Yellow Orchid Gavilea Littoralis


Dog Orchid Codonorchis lessonii

6 thoughts on “Falkland Island Orchids

  1. Flowers
    What a lovely surprise to find these magnificent orchids on your site. I wonder if you could also be tempted to photograph some of the local insects? These often reflect the types of birds in the area both in variety and abundance.

    I have spent the last two years trying to get a robin back in to my garden. We used to always have one visit and eat from the bird table each day. Sadly, the robin vanished and I often wonder whether it is because of a shortage of a particular insect as I believe they like to eat beetle larvae. Along with the disappearing robin the wren also is no more a common visitor. We also have diminished numbers of the common House Sparrow, Hedge Sparrow, Starling, Green Finch and Chaffinch. On the increase are all of the crow family, varieties of the dove family especially the Wood Pigeon!

  2. Untitled Comment
    Sorry – I have just explained about the various states of birds in my garden and forgotten to add who I was in the comment and also to wish you a very Happy New Year! (Random Ramblings)

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