Patagonian Mockingbird – Very Rare Vagrant

On Wednesday lunchtime I opened a message from Kevin Marsh at Shallow Harbour asking what I thought the ID of a bird he had out there was. Imagine my shock at looking at an image of a Patagonian Mockingbird.  I quickly booked a couple of days off work and made a grovelling phone call to get a flight out to Shallow Harbour which is on West Falklands the next morning. Within 10 minutes of landing I was watching a superb adult Patagonian Mockingbird.



Patagonian Mockingbird is a very rare vagrant to the Falkland Islands with the last record apparently in 1992 but I have no info on that bird. The only records before that were in the 1970’s

Massive thanks to Kevin for the message and to Kevin & Lisa for the bed, great food & company. Also a special mention to Joan Porter who puts out scrapes everyday for the birds of which the Patagonian Mockingbird has taken full advantage of.